Seek in yourself what you cannot stand
Then smash it with an iron hand
The strength you seek is found within
To claim you prize you must first begin

Do not give in to fear or doubt
If the way is blocked, seek 'nother route
Grow past your mistakes, do not dwell on your wrongs
You must forgive yourself that you may become strong

Stoke strong and deep the fires of the heart
And from your true path you shall not depart
Though you may stumble, and you may fall
A single mistake is not the end of all

For a mind of steel and eyes of fire
You must pass through the flames of the heart's desire
Fear not the anvil nor hammer sledge
For without the forge a blade gains no edge

So hold your head high, and walk without fear
Seek not what is passed, shed nary a tear
Here is the message I bequeath unto you:
In all things, through all things, to thine own self be true.