Has all the colour gone from this world?
No bright leaves 'neath the garish sun?
No pageant lace, no flags unfurled,
No succor for a wayward son?

No dance to be had with ladye faire,
No hunt to race where creek beds run,
No garden walks in the evening air,
No dawn parade with fife and drum.

No Pas de Armes, no joust to tilt
No Roweena, nor Guinevere
No chalice cup nor bridle gilt
Just avarice, hate and fear.

Just greed and death, fear and lies,
Where the dollar clad tyrants reign;
Unblinking watch electric eyes,
Oer' a planet drenched in doubt and pain.

No flash, no dash, no sabre crash;
Before the fight's begun
Men are burned to meal and ash
'Neath laser, drone, and gun.

When shall we look within our hearts?
When will our deliverance begin?
A second chance, a brand new start,
To return colour to this world again?