This isn't amazingly written because I tossed the ideas together with a friend of mine as they came out. I want to make a story with these two as its basis, their story, their war. They can't let the world of mortals know who they are and where they are, but Silence, mentioned later, is in the mortal realm, so they must have champions. Here's the problem. They're so interjoined, that they can't have two separate champions because the bodies would naturally be too chemically dependent on each other. So they pick one, an unsuspecting mortal child born to a regular woman. Should they have brothers, sisters, friends, rivals? Should they perhaps have another equal? Should the story be written at all and, most of all... please tell me it hasn't been done before. If it has, then tell me, but I hope it hasn't.

At the beginning of the universe, everything was even and balanced. The first rift to ever occur in this energy created magic, and created the deities that bound existence together. Time, since it was the first thing to exist, then made itself a form. It was sort of a stereotypical time form, tall and bent and white-haired, with a long beard and bushy Gandalf eyebrows. He is constantly recording everything, and his outlook is pretty much completely apathetic, but his personality is quirky and occasionally grouchy. Examples include writing with clock hand pens, wearing an ear trumpet with the numerls of a clock around the horn, playing battleship with actual battleships, doing everything deliberately with incredible slowness, and ... now and then ... actually playing the ear trumpet. When he did that, time fractured and created the two opposites, so he calmly put his ear trumpet back on and decided it would be wise not to play it again. He did one more time, creating the concept of life and mortality, but has not done so since. He has a penchant for crossword puzzles and writing down everything that happens, and if you disturb him, he'll rap you on the nose with the butt of his pen and proceed to ignore you. He has three pens-the clock hand pens which he crosswords with, both directions at once and a long, elegant blue quill pen which he chronicles with. He once found a baby songbird with a broken wing which he saved and healed, and so much time with him has made it immortal, but otherwise it is a normal, small songbird. Where the others have physical abodes and many great relics, Time would be considered pretty much homeless. His only artifact is his ear trumpet, and that was originally created to trick people in to thinking that he couldn't hear. Aside from that, he owns the three pens, his endless supply of crosswords, his strangely unending chronicle book, a rickety chair and card table, the clothes on his back and the bird.
The male opposite is tall, dark, angular but as fluid as a cat, with a dancer's unthinking grace. He wears robes made out of solid darkness, and a mantle of woven, swirling blue star fire. He carries a staff with two straight blades, one at each end, and two blades that come out from each end at opposite curves, which is rendered from time itself. He rides a very gentle, and somewhat troubled creature, creature unknown, which is cursed to be the embodiment of entropy even though he has a gentle heart. His entire existence is tortured because of it, and his rider is the only thing keeping him whole, therefore keeping entropy in check. He carries a lute, which he himself tuned. He is the embodiment of doom, but is not in technicality evil. The lute is tuned so finely that each chord he plays causes a different form of destruction. He very rarely speaks, and tends toward sarcasm and cynicism and often vanishes for centuries of silence and solitude. Most of the time, he keeps a tight rein on his abilities, but he has a notorious temper. He is firm but fair and even, on rare occasions, can be damn near gentle.
The female one, his mate, is beautiful beyond mortal reckoning, gentle and fair with the heart of a healer. But inside her there is a seed of darkness, and it can turn her in to a storm, destroying indiscriminately, and the only thing that can keep her in check is her mate, who is himself doom. And because of this, they are opposites but before they were bonded, they both had traits of the other that would only fit with the other. Because of this, they can never be separated, because alone they will simply overload on power, and existence would split in two and dissolve, but in a slow, discordant process wherein things simply cease to exist for no reason and actions create their opposites and beginning and ending no longer know their own name and purpose. She wears a garment made out of starlight, not star fire, and carries twin scimitars made of solidified moonlight, and has no mantle, for she is exposed and her mate is, in a sense, her mantle. She keeps with her a cat, which is the embodiment of life. The periodic Discords in the universe are results of their disagreements, and the cat, being that it contains all life within it, is the only creature which can ward them off. She has a cymbalum, which has been tuned by light and gentleness itself, so that each chord it plays causes a different form of mending. On the floor in a room of their physical abode is a rug which seems to stretch on forever when you try to look at it. you are always warned, never step on the rug. If you watch Time as he writes though, you'd notice that the rug seems to mysteriously expand itself at the same rate that he chronicles.
Together they embody opposites, the tension that exists between them, and the balance that holds them together. They are joined magically on such a deep level that their magic can bleed in to each other, and they can temporarily take on traits or abilities of the other. They are light and darkness, stillness and motion, sound and silence, fire and ice, life and death, creation and destruction, beginning, and end. Their very lives hold existence together. Because they are aspects, they manifest only when interacted with, and can literally be nothing more than forces of nature or thought. They can manifest in to anything from a single emotion to a cataclysmic event. Not decided on whether they are barren and sang things in to existence or whether she ever gave birth.
Technically they reside in a state in existence in which everything possible has happened, will happen and is happening simultaneously. This is technically outside of time, because it is the beginning and culmination of it ... simultaneously.
They fight the embodiment of the concept of nothingness, and he calls himself Silence, and has taken many forms. There has never been one which belongs to him, because he can only use bodies. He has had them crafted for them, or simply taken them over, hopping from one to the next in a flash flood of insane chaos. He keeps with him an animal, animal unkown, let alone whether it should be a mount or not. This creature embodies the potential for evil in both mortals and immortals-hatred, greed, narcissism, you name it, they flow from creature to rider/owner endlessly, and the longer they are allowed to live, the more evil the world becomes. When they are both killed, a cataclysm rips across the world as all mortal evil breaks loose from the universe. What is left in its wake is only balance, but because Silence can never die, because nothingness will never not exist, it is a fate which is doomed to repeat. Nothing is eternal, but darkness and light. Nothing is as sure as the beginning and the end of all things. But every thing which has ever ended will always return ...
The elements as known to this mythology: earth, air, fire, water, spirit, crystal, shadow, lightning, time, and sound