Chapter one: Escape.

His hands grasped mine, and my eyes shifted to look at his. His fingers trailed around my palms and he smiled, just a little soft smile which made my heart skip a beat.

"You trust me, don't you?"


"You love me, don't you?"


"And you want to escape this place, don't you."

A heavy silence hung around us, and I lowered my eyes to his chest. That wasn't a question, it was a statement. I nodded against his chest lightly and closed my eyes.

I felt him pull my hands with him, and before I knew it, he had led me upon the rocky path leading into the forbidden plains ahead. With every step we took, I felt the burdens of my old life crash away into oblivion. All the chains that had been piling around me for years and years came crashing down around me and nothing had ever felt better.

I had my eyes on him, and only him. He'd turn around and smile at me every short while, as if the feeling of my fingers wrapped around his wasn't reassuring enough. I didn't know where we were heading, neither did he. But we trusted each other enough to not question our choice any longer.

Leafless trees marked the tight path around us; we picked up speed and began running. We were running for our lives, for our dreams, our future. We were running towards nothing, yet everything at once. We were running, and nothing could possibly stop us.

The long thin branches brushed themselves against my skin, but I didn't stop for a second. I didn't look back either. My bare feet crunched over dead leaves and rough grass, brushing against dry clumps of bushes and shrubs. It was all that marked the endless fields for miles to come. But I ignored the pain swelling in my toes, and focused on the feather-light essence burning in my heart.

We ran for a while, saying nothing and just breathing in the wind and the trees and the heavy air foreshadowing more dusty rain to come. We ran for a while, together, until finally we reached the end of what seemed an endless pathway of pain. We reached the borders, and we both stopped in our tracks.

Our only exit was almost sewn away from us by metal railings rising up against the once-metallic rusted pillars supporting it. He let go of my hand for a moment, and I let him take a few steps forward. I watched as he knelt down and pulled a blade from his torn jeans pocket, nearing to the rusty railing and swiftly beginning to pick at their edges with the sharp blade's tip.

The echo of the metals brushing against each other once and again a dozen times filled the air, and I had to turn back every few moments to make sure we'd not been followed. I finally heard the reassuring clink of metal wires falling away, and I knelt down beside him. The hole was barely a few meters wide, and the railings stuck out like pointed daggers, threatening to keep us locked away from the outside world. But behind that, a few rays of faded sunlight made their way through, and I let my fingers dance in the illumination for a few minutes, feeling the extent of what we were missing while locked up in here.

His hand rested against my cheek and pulled my face up to meet his. I knew he could feel the fear rising in my shaky eyes, just as I could feel the same fear in his uneven breaths.

"This is it." He whispered.

"This is it." I whispered back, and with a small reassuring smile drawn on his lips, I built up the courage to take the first into the hole and out into the unknown world that lay ahead of us. I dropped to my belly, and slowly began hauling myself through the hole. I had my eyes completely shut, too afraid to ruin the surprise of what was to come. I ignored the scraping railings against my palms and pushed forward, feeling myself dig into the wet, grassy earth.

Wet grassy earth.

I opened my eyes and with one last push I was out, and for the first time since what felt like an entire lifetime, I felt the bright sun radiate on my face, and the touch of wet grass under my toes, and the feel of fresh wind rushing against my nose and my hair and my entire body as if to lift me into the air with it. I let out an exasperated gasp, which grew into a loud laugh. I spread my arms and let my fingers take up all my surroundings, looking around at the grassy hills which enrolled before my very eyes like a large green carpet.

"We made it!" I whispered disbelievingly, turning back to see him pull himself from the ground. I could see the awe fill up his eyes and a wide smile enfolded on his lips. "We really made it!" I squealed, running up to him. I felt him pick me up as I ran at him, and we held each other like that for a few moments, letting it all settle into our minds as we breathed each other in in the unfamiliar clear air around us for the first time.

I pulled away, and his hands trailed down my back to settle me back down on the grass.

"We really did." He whispered, kissing my forehead.

And I realized at that moment, there wasn't another person in the entire world that I would like to spend this moment with.


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