Lie In My Ashes

We're all a little colder than we used to be
And that's fine,
Because I have just the thing to warm you up
Lie In My Ashes
Hold my truths close to your chest
They'll ignite like fire
But not so bright
And glow like warmth
And the goodness of life.

If you're sad just take a breath
And breathe me in
Breathe in this world I've created to keep you safe
Or as safe as you can be for now.
I know what you want and I know what you need
Let me tell you they're not the same.

Live in my ashes
Don't you want what we could have?
I don't know that I do
But I want the best for you.
Could you ignore the clock?
Or would you watch it like a hawk?
Just Lie In My Ashes
And watch the hours stop
Because someday they'll stop.

I'll fire you up
And I'll burn you out
I know how the story goes
Because I've lived it a million times over
Lie In My Ashes
You're the Lie In My Ashes
Live in my ashes with me.

I don't want to be the bad guy
Your bad guy
Because it'll hurt.
It'll hurt both of us.
It'll hurt when you run
And when you find a hero
To fix the scars
That I transfer from my skin to yours
Like secrets
Or a bottle
That all the world is passing back and forth.

But no matter,
Lie down now
Lie down for me now
Lie In My Ashes
I'll lie in your ear
As sweet as war
As sweet as I can.

Lie In My Ashes and we'll take it from there.