I can't take it.

I can't take

All your shit.

I've had it up to here

With your bi-polar nonsense.

I don't want to be here,

Not when you're around.

I can't leave.

I'm trapped inside

This death machine.

You're killing me.

All this drama

Is pressing

Against my chest,

Till I can't breathe.

You're suffocating me.

I need to get out.

Each time

I turn around

Your there,

Draining me.

Till all I want to do

Is cry.

Cry away the anger.

Cry away the sorrow.

Maybe these tears

Will wash my soul

Of all the rage

Built up in my core,

So I can put up with you

For another day.

You won't stop

Switching personalities.

I can't keep up.

Your jeering words.

Your mocking grin.

What do you think

You could possibly gain

From making me

So miserable?

Every time

You throw my words

Back into my face,

All it does

Is make me pissed.

I don't think

I can take

Another fight with you.

I can feel

The anger rising,

Till it lands

In my hands.

All I want to do

Is smack you.

But I won't give you

That satisfaction.

The satisfaction

Of seeing

How easily

You get to me.

After the angers


washed away,

All it leaves me

Is disappear.

Disappear that


Will just be another repeat

Of today.