Ein Schrei wird zum Himmel fahren

Schneidet sich durch Engelsscharen

Vom Wolkendach Faellt Federfleisch

Auf meine Kindheit mit Gekreisch- Rammstein, Mein Teil

I'm in trouble my readers, this isn't the first time I've been in trouble but now I'm in deep shit. I, Janet Rubik was kidnapped an hour ago and I don't know were I am. All I know is that I'm blindfolded sitting in a van of some kind with two people next to me. I'm a reporter for the Orange Speaks were we air the dirty laundry on national television. I should have known this was going to happen, my talent for getting information has caused people to be angry with me even threatened my life.

I thought something like this wouldn't happen but, then I think a lot of people think something bad won't happen to them either. My co-workers and producers kept telling me that what I'm doing will kill me someday but, they never stopped me. The dangerous place I've ever been to was in Korea (even though it's no longer the North and the South it's still dangerous). Possibly the reason I was here because I was going to interview the most dangerous woman alive: Zoya Lovejoy.

This woman did terrible things and yet she was idolized for the things she did. I could go on all day with the crimes she did but, there was one thing she was famous for and it was castration. At 24 she was caught and put to prison but shortly she was out with the charges all dropped. From then on she hasn't been heard of since. I know what you're going to ask, if Lovejoy hasn't been heard of since then how on earth am I going to interview her? That my readers is the thing, I think I've seen her when I was a little girl on Halloween.

The van stops for a moment, the two people next to me grab both my arms. "We're here," one of the men said, his accent was German. We got out of the van with me listening intently to our footsteps. Its my job to listen even though it might not be important at first because inside my right ear is a recorder were my grandfather, Stan Rubik implanted it when I first got the job as a reporter. "If you want to be successful you need to hear everything without getting caught," he said. Even though it hurt I've always thanked him every time I made a successful story.

I could tell we were on wet ground by the way my heels dig in to the mud. "Oh, shit…there goes a good pair of shoes," I curse under my breath. Thankfully it was a very brief walk in the mud as my foot hit a step. One of them knocked on the door, "Thunder," said the man behind the door. "Lightening," said the man to my right. I hear the door open and my dirty heels click under hard floor. As the men took me to the place were I will be held hostage I thought about that night on Halloween.

I must have been seven or eight then, I was with my sister Cosette at the time. I remember it being foggy that day and it was really late at night. My sister Cosette kept begging me to go home, "I'm scared, mama told us it was dangerous to be out here alone." Back then I just laughed it off, "Cosette, if you want to be a big girl then stop whining like a baby. Life isn't about doing what mama says anyway." Soon after I said that we were snatched from the streets were we were teleported back to our front door. I should say I was lucky but if you saw the person standing in front of me you would have been praying to god she didn't take your life. The collar they put around my neck began to itch just thinking about it. That person was Alexis the lead snuff star for 'Droog'. I didn't see her face but, there was something familiar about her.

"Janet!" When I heard my name called a sinking feeling was in the pit of my stomach. The person that called my name was Cosette and by the tone of her voice she sounded scared. I could understand why they would want me, I have a knack for knowing too much but, with my sister Cosette held hostage along with me I knew I was here for different reasons. For starters my mother has two husbands (some people are against polygamous marriages, especially when a woman has more then one man). Another reason is my father, Demitri Rubik is a clone of Malcolm McDowell. Clones are considered an abomination to society and soulless in the face of God. Lastly my grandfather (who is also married to my mother) has been president longer then Roosevelt and is responsible for making snuff films legal in America.

I felt a needle break my skin. Whatever they were putting inside me I knew it wasn't good. The two men forced me into a chair, I could hear the irritating sound of the duct tape being drawn from its roll. For a brief second I felt the stickiness against my arm only for them to stop to a German voice, "There's no need for that boys, she'll do whatever I say." By this command they put away the tape. "You can leave now, just leave Obey here." At the moment I heard Obey my body filled with dread. With Obey the master could make you do things against your will. I did a special report on this serum on an ex military officer used Obey on his victims. Most of them ended up dead.

"Now, Janet Abba Rubik, take off your blindfold," commanded the voice. At the command I did as she said, I took off the blindfold to discover I was in an unnaturally white room. "Look to your right." I looked right to find my kidnapper and never had I felt so afraid for the both of us. The person that arranged our kidnapping was the infamous Frau Hitler. She was the leader of the show 'Nazi' and she had a foul temper. I only watched the show once and never bothered to watch it again, that goes for all the snuff shows. Once I asked my grandfather why he would allow such violence to be shown on television. "It doesn't matter if you like it or not, my sweet because deep down the color of blood intrigues us."

"You see that box of needles next to you, take one of them out and inject it into your sister." I took out a needle and went to my sister. Cosette was dressed in clothes fit for the 1920's. While I like to bring information to the world, my sister likes to entertain. She was about to play the part as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Being named after the girl from Les Miserable she was meant to move hearts. As I injected the needle into her I thought to myself, she shouldn't be brought into this she's just an actress and good one too. "Good, now Cosette, once your sister gets done untying you I want you to stand up." It took awhile for me to untie her, she was duct taped really well. Once I was finished Cosette stood up from the chair. What she said next was unexpected.

"Go sit on the couch and make yourself comfortable." Strangely we did just that, we sat on the couch next to each other. I looked at Cosette, I could tell she was crying by all the runny mascara. "It's alright, everything will be fine," I said taking her hand. Suddenly I felt like a child again with both of us holding each others hand every time we got scared.

The Frau stood up from her chair; she looked taller standing up and more monstrous with that expressionless white mask. As the Frau came closer an old childhood instinct kicked in, we held each other for dear life as if a tornado was about to strike. I held my breath as the she wolf was only inches away from us. At first I thought she was going to harm us but, she only took off her mask which was worse. Her face wasn't ugly by all means. With those coffee eyes and perfect skin she was meant to be a Hollywood starlite. The bad thing about this was we saw her face and seeing the identity of a snuff star would be our last. By seeing that face we were already dead.

"Now listen very carefully you two," she whispered. "You are here because of what your family did. Before I could explain why I want to tell the true side of my story….I get the feeling my end is near so I want a confession. I can see both of you looked frightened, don't be I'm not going to kill you. I just want you two to relax and I want you to listen, especially you Janet because what I'm going to tell you is very important."

At her command we both were at ease. I sighed in relief, at least she wasn't going to kill us…yet. Cosette and I were no longer holding each other like frightened children about to be devoured by a monster but, we still held each others hand for comforts sake. The Frau seated herself with eyes closed for a moment in meditation. Once she opened her eyes I listened. This is the tale of April Hitler.

English translation for Rammstein's Mein Teil- A cry will acend to heaven, it will cut through hosts of angels, feather-flesh will shreikingly fall, from the top of my clouds unto my childhood.