It took me an hour to freshen myself up. I had to brush my teeth several times to get that vomit taste out of my mouth. The dress I had to wear for the evening was an elegant little black dress that was very tight to my body (not to mention a pain in the ass to get on). Make-up was difficult to work with since I was putting it on myself. It gotten to the point were I decided lipstick and mascara will do.

When I stepped outside my room I thought I would have to walk down the long silver hallway but, then something strange happened. A slender hole about 15 inches long and three inches wide appeared on the floor where an object just as slender rose from it. In my primitive mind I wanted to go back into my room were everything was safe and normal. That's when the reasonable side spoke to me, April, you are not normal yourself. This is the future not a dream…so embrace the door.

The object before was in fact a door painted red with a small gold knob. I snickered to myself, "where does it do?" I wasn't expecting a response.

"It goes Rubik's private office, he's expecting to see you," said the female robotic voice. Before I put my hand on the knob I asked the voice something that I would ask a human, "Do you have a name?"

"I am called Hally, Frau Hitler. I operate all of Rubik's estate including the Institute. You should hurry," she said. I nodded my head in agreement and I turned the knob thinking that I was going to see a silver wall on the other end but once I opened the door I was in awe by what I saw.

Through the doorway was a long hallway but, instead of silver it had color. The walls, ceiling and carpet had colors of red, purple and gold. Also on the walls were paintings of people I haven't known but I felt were important. As I stepped into the hallway I felt more at ease with the change of scenery. I don't know how long I was walking but, I could tell I was getting closer as I heard French being spoken (one of them being Rubik) through the door before me. When I got close enough to touch the door I froze to the handle as the French speaker spoke in English. "You should be careful of the wolf and the tiger, Stan. They're both dangerous," then I heard something click. What did he meant by the wolf and the tiger?

I must have been glued to that spot for a while when Rubik finally summoned me in. Again this room was just as breathtaking as the hallway. It was a big room with walls so blue it was almost black. Like the hallway it was decorated with paintings and pictures of people. What got my attention the most where two things. The first one was a tank aquarium almost large enough to fit the room filled with exotic fish that glowed lights and neon. The second thing was just as amazing as the first, the table before the tank was long but shorter then the aquarium. The table looked to be made of glass and crystal making a broken reflection of the fish swimming in the water.

"You like what you see?" asked the voice, jerking me back into reality. I looked over at Rubik who was offering me a seat next to him. When I sat down I've never took my eyes off of him, he was fascinating and terrifying at the same time. It was uncomfortable silence for a moment then I broke the silence. "I'm sorry for what happened today, Herr Rubik. It was just-" Rubik held up a hand to silence me.

"It wasn't your fault, in fact you have impressed me."

"Impressed you?"

Rubik gave me a smile that could even charm the devil. "Before we can discuss why what would you like for dinner?" At the time I was about to say I wasn't hungry until he said it. Just hearing the word dinner I was suddenly craving tuna, pickles, and chocolate. "I would like tuna, a side of pickles, and chocolate milk, please." As soon as I said a plate of fillet tuna with pickles on the side with a glass of chocolate milk appeared on the table. Rubik cocked an eyebrow then ordered a steak with a baked potato and a glass of water.

As I was cutting into the tuna I asked Rubik why I impressed him. He didn't answer me at first while cutting the steak. I saw the meat was rear and I found myself salivating. "You want a bite?"


"You're looking at my steak like a dog would look at a bone," he said with a sly smile. I suddenly felt embarrassed, "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, don't be ashamed. To answer your question earlier you're impressing me even now."

"How am I doing that, sir?" I asked puzzled, my back became pressed against the wall as he leaned closer to me. "You're changing, April. You are becoming less the dictator of Nazi Germany and becoming more of what I hope you become."

"And what will that be?"

"A huntress, meine Fuhrerin. A fierce killer that people will fear and love at the same time." Hearing him say this to me made me stand up from the chair. "What are you saying? That I be…a….

"Snuff star, yes," he said with that evil smile "At least in the European continent you'll be on the television set but, in America it will be on the internet. Why you having second thoughts?" I didn't answer, I stared at him speechless. I knew I was going to kill the Third Reich for what they did to me but, I didn't think it was going to be public. Suddenly I started to hyperventilate with questions running in my mind. "What if they know about me? What if they try to arrest me and…..and…"

"No, no, no, April you got it all wrong. You see, being a snuff star we give you an alias and you'll wear a mask to hide your identity. If ever you were to remove the mask on the screen we'll blur it out. As for the unfortunate victim…" He smirked then made a command out of the darkness in Korean were the shadows suddenly appeared along with a man on his knees. At first I thought it was a random victim Rubik wanted me to kill but, the man lifted his face my worries were replaced with hate. It was none other then Billy that tried to assault me. Billy made a small laugh," Why ain't it the Jew whore."

My hands ball into fists as he calls me a 'Jew whore'. How dare he accuse me of being a Jew or being a whore. "Rubik, are the cameras on now?"

"No, not yet. If you accept the offer I'm giving you Kyong-mi will throw you a katana and the fun will begin. By assuming the silent rage in your voice do you accept the terms?"

"Yes," I said without hesitation. Once Kyong-mi threw the katana I catch it by the handle perfectly and I could hear the cameras rolling behind me. Billy was the beginning of my stardom.