I walked the long hallway along side Miss Porter with my head down. To an on-looker they would have thought I was a shy modest woman in a pink nightgown but in reality I was covering up my erection. The woman by my side walked with an air of confidence and seduction. With my head down my eyes would occasionally linger to her sultry form. Back then I knew she was talking about something but her body language had a better hold of my attention.

"We're here," she said waking me up from my lustful daydreams. "What?" I asked blushing a deep red not wanting to look at her for the fear she might get offended. The door slides up to another more ordinary door which Miss Porter opens for me. Before I went inside she said, "When ever you are ready just push the button on your right. Vlad Galilee will take you to the next step." I was about to ask her why she wouldn't be there but the door was closed. I was back in my old room were my clothes were sitting on the bed.

As I took my clothes into the bathroom I was having a little debate within myself.

What's wrong with you Adolf?

"What's wrong? That I'm a man trapped in a woman's body?"

No, you're lusting after Rosa Porter who isn't part of the master race.

"I know but, you have to admit she has a nice body," I said taking off the nightgown then was about to put on some underwear until I looked down on myself. I was staring at my breasts and my still erect penis. By seeing these odd combinations on one body made me look myself in the mirror. It was strange to see myself look so feminine. Back in my prison I didn't have the chance to look at myself until now. I put my hands to my face wanting to feel the evidence that this was real then they traveled to my neck which ended to my breasts. Once my hands made contact with my nipples I couldn't help but shutter in desire.

It had been a long while since I've pleasured myself (come to think of it I hardly ever masturbated in my 'man years') and I was too terrified to please myself. While I was playing with my breasts I thought about a naked Rosa Porter laying in silk. With my imagination in play my right hand wondered to my penis were I began stroking myself. I began to pat as the desire began to increase. My eyes were half closed as I saw my breasts bounce up and down which aroused me strangely until I finally came.

For a moment it felt incredibly good until I saw a line of cum on my stomach making me recoil at the site. Immediately I took a shower scrubbing and beating myself at the same time. Once I was clean (at least physically) I quickly got into my white summer dress and shoes and pushed the button to my right. I opened the door to see Vlad Galilee standing there smiling as if he knew something I didn't. "So you ready to start the program?"

I nodded and walked by his side. For about five minutes it was unbearably silent between us until I was the first to break the ice. "Why are your eyes blue?"

"Excuse me?"

"Your eyes, why are they blue? I don't mean to sound racist but, usually black people don't have blue eyes." You don't mean to sound racist, eh?

"Well, you are right on that part because my eyes were brown until Rubik X in both my eyes. X is basically X-ray vision like Superman. Anyway it made me blind for about three days and once I got my vision back I freaked out because when I saw myself in the mirror I thought I was taken over by an alien or something." I nodded my head thinking about what he said then a thought came to me that made me blush.

"Vlad….How long where you standing at my door?"

"For about five minutes, why?" I was ashamed and embarrassed to ask this but, I had the feeling I have to or else it was going to eat at me. "Did you…..see anything?" Suddenly we both stopped walking and looked at each other. The look on our faces was priceless.

"Look, miss….I was curious what you looked like since….you know…you had a uh wiener on you and um….."

"Oh God," I said burying my face in utter shame. Great he saw me 'polish my gun' I thought to myself. Back then I wished I could just seep into the floor and hide. "Don't worry Frau…I mean Herr Hitler….I looked away once I saw….Oh God I'm so sorry."

"It was a spur of the moment, Herr Galilee. I saw Rosa Porter and I saw her chest and….."

"You were having fantasies about my girlfriend?" Oh, this day couldn't get any better. Now I was the one making apologies to him. "I'm sorry-I didn't know she was your girlfriend. I didn't mean-"

"Don't worry, Frau," said Vlad, taking me by the hand. "Rosa and I have what you call an 'open' relationship. The only rules we have between us is don't catch anything, don't get pregnant, and to let each other know who we want to sleep with."

"So….you're not mad?" I asked it felt like a weight off my chest. "No, I'm not mad, besides you're a pretty girl and I'd love to see you getting it on with Rosa. Alright we're here." We stopped to a silver wall were it slide up to a room with a single chair in it. "Is this the start of my training?"

"Actually this is orientation. Training is going to be later. All you have to do is sit in the chair and it will show you the things you have missed since you were dead for 120 something years. Have fun." I was about to ask more until the door was shut. I looked at the door then at the chair. The chair was silver like the whole room. On top of the chair was a circular thing similar to those big hair dryers at salons. With hesitation I sat on the chair not knowing what to expect when the device lowered itself shielding my eyes.