His flesh was cold and as white as snow. His eyelids covered his green eyes of pain, his lips were dry and his chest lay flat. It didn't rise neither did it fall because his lungs were at rest. Motionless and limp, he led on the hard table. A tear drop fell from the girl beside him who held his gentle hand. Her eyes were green, just like his and she had long brown hair. Their resemblance was great; there was no mistaking that she was his daughter although, they were strangers. She thought back at the opportunity she could have had to get to know him but she was too upset to listen. Now she paid the price. The hole in her life that he was to fill would forever be hollow. She pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket and gently unfolded it.

Ruby, I know that I messed up and you had the right to be mad, showing up at your school and catching you by surprise wasn't very ideal but I made a mistake leaving you. I should've been there throughout your life. When I found out about my illness I knew what I wanted to do. I made a list
1. Find Ruby and give her the locket
2. Spend my last weeks with her.
You see, people want to go skydiving and all that jazz but I didn't want any of that stuff, just catching up with you and getting to know you were good enough. It's sad that, I didn't do neither of those things. My life wasn't completed and that's a regret that hurts so badly. It will haunt me even though I'm dead. If you read this Ruby, then I'm sorry I left. You must have had a terrible childhood, not having a father to guide you and be there when you face boy trouble. You see the thing is though, I shouldn't really be calling myself a father because, yeah I may have made you but a real father stands by their child, that's something I didn't do. So there's another thing that I didn't become. I want you to be happy and know that I love you.
Lots of love

Attached to the bottom was locket and inside a picture of the man full of life. Her tears became more rapid and she held the locket close to her heart.
"You are a Dad, you're my Dad" she whispered softly in between her sniffles.
"I'm sorry, I should've listened" she knelt down and kissed his cheek. His cold skin made her lips tingle and she left. She ran down the corridor of the big building and out the exit. She thought of the times when she was little and wrote letters to Daddy for when he came back off of 'holiday'. She thought of the happy ones like when she was 8 and spoke about being the happy family again. It read

Dear Daddy,
Today was my birthday. I still miss you. Max in my class tells me about how his Daddy is getting him a new game on his birthday but I told him it didn't matter because one day my Daddy was going to come home and we will be happy again. He said that he already had that and it wasn't really a birthday present but I think it's the best thing ever.
We can all go to the park together and have picnics. You can play my favourite games with me like tea parties and Barbie. I hope you get home. Mummy doesn't talk about you at all but I bet I got your eyes because she just has boring brown.

Lots of love
Ruby x

She also thought about the others so full of hatred like the one she wrote when she was 11.

Dear Michael.
Notice how I didn't call you Daddy? That's because I don't want to call you something you're not. Why did you leave? I was 3 months old. I looked up to you and I always kept you in my heart. You see, a real father watches their daughter grow, give them guidance, but where were you? Mother told us that you left because I was blonde. Is this right? You thought she had an affair? Are you serious? If you had time to stick around then maybe you would have realised that I was your flesh and blood. So tell me, how's your new family? You're obviously not on holiday or work. Let me tell you how my family is, we are fine. Mum has found a new boyfriend and she said that one day they will get married and I can be bridesmaid. You see, this will actually happen, not be a broken dream that won't come true like us being family. Looks like you messed up.

She regretted writing that. Even though she kept these feelings away in a diary she still felt such a fool. She could have had her father there with her, just before he died but that was an opportunity she missed. Regret so deep it was already killing her. At home she retreated to the corner. The room darkened slowly as the sun set but she still thought about her broken dreams. More tears came down and left hot trails on her cheek. She sipped from the clear bottle of vodka. Beside her was a mirror. She stared at her reflection. It showed a girl. A girl full of pain. A selfish girl who not only ruined her dreams but the last dream of a man who battled to live. He died unhappy because of her and she'd live unhappy. Realising this, she threw the mirror at the wall and crawled to the sharp pieces. Too small to matter but big enough to cut her veins so she'd bleed and no longer breathe. Perfect. The only way she could be with her Dad. As the glass cut her flesh the blood formed a puddle on the floor. He head spin and her vision blurred.
"What did you that for?" said a figure in front of her. He was tall and full of life, in a better condition. His cheek full of colour and his eyes no longer full of pain.
"Dad?" she rubbed her eyes, her wrist was no longer bleeding and she was no longer in the dark. The room was now light.
"Your safe now" he said putting his hand out towards her. She grasped it with gratitude and rose to her feet. He put his arm around her and held her tight.
"I'm sorry I wasn't there" he whispered, closing his tearful eyes.
"It doesn't matter, I'm sorry I didn't listen" She said, pulling him tighter. She finally got her dream come true. He finally got his. The pain faded as they walked through the golden gates of heaven.