I'll be careful, the young girl said

Her cherry lips the darkest red

Her innocence a halo round her head

As she steeped into the night.


I'll be careful, the young girl called

As cunning men oiled round the floor

She never one did look towards the door

Her dress was all of white.


I'll be careful, the young girl cried

As she swayed her hips from side to side

The vultures looking onward sighed

As she stepped into the light.


I'm being careful! The young girl screamed

As he ripped her dress from seam to seam

The crimson blood is hardly seen

It's just another night.


I thought I was careful, the young girl moaned

The cold night chilling to the bones

He's gone - he's left her all alone

To the mercy of the night.


I tried to be careful, the young girl sighed

Her innocence torn and scattered wide

She felt a kick from deep inside

As she prepared to lose the fight.


No more being careful! The young girl yelled

As from the rafters down she fell

Her unfurling life caused eyes to well

As she plummeted out of sight.


And that young girl now

Though she was brave

She met an early end

For now she rests inside her grave

For her broken innocence to mend.


And the cruel young man

Though he never held the knife

Had ultimately killed the girl

And stole away her life.


And now he lurks, his dagger poised

To destroy another light

His victim laughs, she's unaware

She'll not survive the night