Never Give In

She runs through each creepy branch as they scratch her face one by one. She screams in pain but struggles on to get through the forest. She is losing her breath as she keeps running; the excruciating pain never goes away. Hearing the roar behind her, she tries to run faster and harder. She screams, "It's never going to work! This isn't happening!" And still hears the roars getting louder and closer. She looks back only to see it coming. A beast swallowed black, sharp teeth and red eyes coming at her with all its might. It will never go down without a fight. It roars at her once more, "I will have your soul." Now she starts to cry and slow her pace. All she wants is to see his face. She comes to a sudden stop and leaps into a bush. The beast lost track and couldn't find her. So he stood in his place and sat down beside the bush she lay in. She slows her breath and tries to stay quiet. The beast lets out a frightening growl. He stiffens and sniffs the air. "Blood" he growls and turns to the bush where she was. She gasps and touches her cheek, blood dripped lightly from the cut in her flesh. She looks at her red stained fingers and then feels something smooth and cool on her cheek. She looks up to see his tongue on her cheek licking her. She screams and stumbles to her feet to start running but she couldn't move from being frozen with fear. She turns back to the beast behind her. He bears his teeth and without a word reaches for the girl. As the beast slowly loses his form, the girl shuts her eyes tightly. He leans in close to her ear and whispers, "I love you." She opens her eyes to see her best friend. His green eyes looking at her adorably at her waiting for an answer. She lets out a breath, falls into his arms and managed to mouth her last words to him... "I love you too."