Let the Strings of Heart be Played

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, on this fine beautiful night, the Heart Strings Orchestra!"

The curtains pulled back as it revealed the symphony, ready to play. A beautiful girl all dressed in black silk that grazed the floor as she moved, bow in one hand and a violin in the other. Next to her, a handsome classy gentleman in a simple tuxedo standing a cello on his knee, fixing his dirty brown curly hair with his hand then picks up his bow off the floor. They were both madly in love with music just as they were with each other. They played their instruments with the same passion and strength. No one else mattered in the world when it came down to music and their love.

Their concert was beginning. She looked at him and mouthed; "Are you ready for this?" he smiled at her and nodded. Bows at the ready, they began to play the first song, 300 Violin Orchestra. They played their hearts out, to think it was only to warm up the enormous crowd in the theater. Everyone's face brightened up at the sound of the upbeat string instruments playing violently through an easy piece of music. Throughout the night, the orchestra played many pieces of classical music and some pop tunes. At the end, the crowd stood and cheered. The all-star couple stood with the rest of the orchestra and bowed.

Smiling wide, she talked over the crowd, "That was amazing! I'm so proud on how great it turned out! You did great! We are incredible!"

He laughed at how excited she was and put his hand on her hip, bringing her closer, he kissed her passionately. It was like her heartbeat was still with the tune of the first song. He smiled, "Whoa, Beethoven, slow the heart beat or you'll have a heart attack." She blushed and nodded. They sat back down and waited for the orchestra to clear out. They wanted to be last out of the theater.

"Beautiful stars out tonight," she said looking up to the night sky, "I wonder what it would be like to fly at night." He looked up as she spoke, and replied, "Maybe one day we can find out together." She looked into his eyes surprised at what he said, "That would be wonderful." She looked down and smiled. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of the smile that plastered her face and hurt her cheeks. They kissed once more. He was so happy to have her that he would do anything for her.

Out of the disappearing crowd, a males voice came towards them, "I knew you would be here, asshole! I came to settle this with you once and for all!" the man pointing at them and stomping angrily down the aisle towards the couple. She turned toward her lover next to her and had a confusing look on her face, but she saw his face white and flushed. He was panicking, "We need to get out of here, now. Whatever you do, move slowly and find shelter. Hide from him, I'll be fine, just find someplace safe. Please! Go!"

She slowly grabs her violin and stands up, taking small steps behind her, backing away slowly. "Don't move! You aren't going anywhere!" She froze in place and walked back and sat down again. Scared to death of what was going to happen, he laid down his cello next to her and whispered, "Use it if you have to." She nodded and started to cry. He stood up from his chair and yelled, "What do you want from me? I haven't done anything to harm you, friend." The male walked closer, "I am not your friend. I am your enemy. You have done enough and now you will pay for your actions. Right here, right now." She acted quickly once she saw her love being hit in the face. She grabbed the cello and ran to him, hitting the guy with it in the process. Her love, bloody and bruised, yelled at her to run. She did as she was told. He got to his feet and ran with her, and then his hand was tugged back like she had stopped. When he turned to ask why she stopped, he saw what had happened…

Blood dripped on the floor, its dripping getting faster. She let go of his hand and looked down, his cello bow had been lodged into her stomach. Soon after that she hit the floor; he caught her as she fell, "No! No! No! My love! My sweet violin! Talk to me, stay with me!" She looked at him through faint eyes, trying hard to breathe, "I… I always wanted to tell you, you were my favorite song… I love you so much my wonderful cellist. Now…," she gasps for breath, "I must play to the stars." He starts to cry and says, "Play beautiful for them, baby, I love you too." He kisses her and feels her body go limp, he holds her close and cries harder. He whispers to her body, "Play our song, my love." He got up and looked angrily at the male who killed her, "You killed my violin. How could you?!" He takes a chair and throws it at the enemy, knocking him out. He walks to him and takes the gun from his hand, opens it, only one bullet is there. The cellist walks back to his beautiful violinist laying on the stage, "We will play our song together once again my love; we will fly at night together." He held her in his arms, kissed her on the forehead one last time… and pulled the trigger.