It hurts to know you walked away

It hurts to hear the steps you take

I cry and you turn away

Listen to me, I beg you

Listen to my silent sobs as you leave

Love me, let me know you care

Only a touch is needed

Only a graze of a finger

Oh, please hear my cries

Very often this happens to us

Very often you walk away from my tears

Voices only present in my mind hear me cry

Ever wonder why I don't turn to you in a fight?

Ever wonder why I stay silent?

Even now I wait for you to ask now I am

Yes, I'm fine

Yes, I'm lying

You're still not here

On my heart, I feel the tear

On my heart, I feel a stitching beginning to form

Only you can help heal this wound

Up is not my mood today

Up is where you sit

Until you come back to me

I love you