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All I can remember is the pain. All recognition to ordinary life has been snatched from my mind and moulded into a screaming aura of pain, misery and fear. As I open my eyes slowly, the voices call for me, trying to lead me to their master. I find myself in an ancient, grubby mansion, but almost all the furniture has been removed. That is very unusual, unless the owners moved out. Or they were killed and evidence was destroyed...

CRASH! A huge sparkling bolt of lightning strikes the roof above me, sending electricity through the entire house. The storm is so powerful its destroying everything in its path. Hopefully, me too. Before the creature finds me. I'd like an easy death, I deserve that at least.

I try to pull myself up, my limbs are quite unresponsive, but I make it to a standing position. The room is virtually empty, except for one bed. How thoughtful for it to leave me somewhere to rest after a long day of paranoia. I guess now is when I forge some ingenious plan to escape and find help. It's obvious that isn't going to happen, but hey, if I don't have much longer to live then why waste my remaining few moments?

I make my way over to the bed, since it's the only thing in the room I can investigate. The fabrics are destroyed, and the frame is barely holding itself up. Probably not wise to sleep on it, actually. There's nothing interesting about it until I looked under it,

'Argh!' I call out as I see a bone, caked in dried, old blood lying there. I back away from the bed in horror, until I come against a door. I jump around, try the doorknob. Locked. Damn. Now what?

God, please, just get out of my head! The voices are screaming to me, ordering me to leave the mansion. Well how the hell do I get out of here?! I edge towards the window. Just rain, lightning and dead trees fill the horizon. Hmm, can I escape through the window? I try to open it. It puts up a struggle and only opens about an inch. Crap. Ugh… do I have to break the glass? I won't be able to punch through; I'll have to use an object. But, there's nothing in here. Oh God… There is no way I am touching that thing under the bed. I'm gonna have to sit this out. I sink down against the wall, put my head on my knees, and try with all my might to block out the paranoiac voices in my head.

I awaken suddenly from sleep. Damn, how could I even dose in this situation? But something is terribly wrong. My body is filled with a deep chill, and I feel extremely nauseous, like a want to throw up. Then I realise, that the creature, is here. I lift my head shakily and ever so slowly, and see it, stood at the opposite end of the room. I scream. Run for the bed. Grab the disgusting bone. Smash the window. There is a drainpipe near the window, so I climb out, swing around, and one last glance through the window confirms the creature has, of course, performed its teleporting act. I slide/fall down the drainpipe, ignoring the cuts now littering my hands, as the pain in my head is much worse.

I land hard and painfully on the ground, and quickly wipe my injured hands on my clothes. I am far from caring about anything anymore. I turn away from the house, and straight into the stare of the creature.

I cry out with pain and the freezing spike of cold shoots through my mind, and the nausea threatens to make me chuck up my guts. But it just stands there.

'You want me?' I shout at it. 'Come bloody get me!'

Big mistake.

Without moving at all, six black, waving tentacles suddenly emerge from its back. They soar in the area around the creature, and it looks worse than ever. It's much taller this time, reaching to about four and a half meters, and it's wearing its usual black suit and red tie. And of course, the blank white face that is staring holes straight into the borders of my sanity.

Suddenly, one of its tentacles shoots forward, and wraps itself around my neck. I choke and try to gasp for breath. My body wants to scream, but of course I can't. The creature lifts me off the ground with ease, and holds me closer to it. I feel really lightheaded, but manage one final look of pure hate at the creature's face, before I feel another tentacle encircle my legs, and restrain them both. It pulls hard. My body stretches and I manage a small cry of horror as pain shoots through my muscles and spine.

Suddenly, I think I hear shouting, but I can't be sure, my head is screaming with my body. I see the creature turn its head slightly. It must hear the voices too, but it does not react, just lowers its head a little (I bet if it had a face it would be smirking evilly), then a voice speaks to me in my mind. It's a deep, controlling sound.

'You are finally mine.'

I don't have a chance to respond. And the last moment I register in my mind, is my body being ripped into two pieces, before my brain and heart shut off forever. And then I am gone.

The last thought in my mind was, At least now I am free.

Superintendent John Roden cautiously and silently made his way down the stony path, followed by Chief Inspector Andrew Redfern and several other police. He had his gun pointed straight out in front of him, ready to fire on sight at anything tall, slender and terrifying. They were all making their way through the wooded area, in the direction of the abandoned mansion, on a usual patrol for any clue as to the whereabouts of Peter Jeyson, an 18-year-old who had been missing for many months. A citizen from the local area had called into the station with information that they had apparently seen Peter walking blankly into the woods, in the direction the police were heading right now. This means he would have been going to the old mansion. If this was true, they needed to find him quickly.

The mansion came into view in the distance. It was the middle of the night, so it was hard to make out, but they were sure this was it.

'Andrew, you ready for this?' Roden asked the man who was walking up beside him, 'If Peter really is here, we all know what's coming,' The two higher-ranked police were good friends, and used their first names to each other, but the other police had to address them by their titles.

'Let's just get this done. Hopefully we can get him out of there,' Redfern replied quietly.

As they approached the huge building, Roden ordered the six police officers to surround the house. Three quickly made their way to the back of the mansion, while the rest stayed with the Superintendent and Chief Inspector. They waited for a few moments behind the trees of the forest, scanning all the windows for movement. Then suddenly, they all jumped as a window smashed on the second floor, and a young-adult-looking male flipped out of the hole. He fell painfully down the drainpipe on the side of the house and landed on the ground, hard. Roden and Redfern quickly ran towards the house. They had found him, finally.

Roden was milliseconds away from calling out the boy's name, when all the police stopped dead. A thick fog was gathering around the front garden with unnatural speed, and it rose to the shape of a man. A very tall man. No. Roden thought. Not when we were so close.

A figure stepped out of the fog, and Peter turned round, straight into its clutches. Roden desperately wanted to run and save the boy, but the sight of the paranormal creature was filling him with a deep, icy chill that was cramping up his muscles. The same was happening to Redfern, but the two men were tolerant. They have had many encounters with this creature, but the other police hadn't, and couldn't take the pain. They were coughing and spluttering vigorously, and backing away. Roden didn't blame them. This creature could deal serious damage just by lingering nearby; you don't even have to see it to feel the effects.

Peter had shouted something at the slender being, and Roden could see its tentacles rising from its back. He tried to near, but couldn't move. The tentacles wrapped around Peter's neck and legs and pulled hard. Roden heard Redfern shouting at the creature but it would do no good. It tilted its head towards Roden and he heard it say evilly,

'Too late, Superintendent.'

And it pulled. Peter's body was torn apart like paper, and Roden could do nothing to stop it. His anger flared suddenly, and rage took over his mind. Months of work, wasted. Another murder at the hands of an impossible mass-murderer. Roden tore his gaze away from the figure and held up his gun. Redfern had done the same. They fired several bullets straight at the monster's chest, or at least the right area. But when they looked up, all they saw was Peter's remains and thick fog lingering in the air.

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