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Superintendent Roden glanced into the interview room where Peter's mother sat. She had tears streaking her face, and her eyes were red and puffy. She was clinging onto what looked like a hoodie. God that must be Peter's, Roden thought. He slowly pushed the handle down and walked in. The women didn't move her gaze from the wall. As Roden sat in the chair opposite, he said calmly and carefully,

'Miss Jeyson, I'm very sorry about your son,' The women barely stirred, just cried quietly. 'I can assure you we did everything we could. The circumstances were just, unexpected,' Roden finally managed to catch her gaze and she murmured,

'Was it…Slender—?' She couldn't say its name without breaking down into fear and sadness. Roden kept his face calm, even though emotions were pricking the sides of his mind.

'Yes,' he said. The woman's eyes filled with tears once more as she held the hoodie up to her face.

'I just wish I could have seen him one more time,' She was angry and devastated with what had happened, and honestly wanted to scream the place down. But that wasn't bringing her son back, and she knew the police couldn't have done much when face to face with the creature. The impossible Tall Man that could torture you slowly and painfully just by you looking at him. She glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight. She closed her eyes for a moment. Eventually, she said,

'I want to go home,' Roden sat straighter in his chair.

'Miss, do you have maybe friends or relatives you could stay with tonight? I don't think it's best if you were on your own,'

'I want to be in my own home. I don't want anyone intruding on my feelings. Please, just let me go,' Roden sighed quietly, but nodded. He stood and led her out of the room. She looked at the Officer and said, 'Thank you for everything you did. I know you were searching for my son all this time. Even though you couldn't save him…it was nice to know someone was determined to find him.' Roden smiled as she left the station. When she was out of sight, he fell against the wall and put his hands to his face. She had been so understanding. How? He hadn't been able to rescue Peter. He had watched him die. He had stood there, and watched it.

He groaned as a migraine started to emerge. He was having after-effects of the radiation Slenderman released. If you were exposed enough, it really messed you up, mentally and physically. He jumped slightly when a voice spoke to him from nearby.

'John, you all right?' Roden looked up to find Chief Inspector Redfern approaching him.

'Yeah, I'm ok. Just, argh,' He held his head. 'Think I've got a migraine coming,'

'Right, come on. Better get some tablets before the real pain kicks in,' Roden nodded and the two men made their way to the Medical Department. They were in the main Police Headquarters, and had several departments that dealt with all sorts of problems. They entered the reception and Redfern asked for the medication. The receptionist immediately took off. The men sat waiting on some chairs nearby. Roden spoke quietly, trying to keep the pain from his head out of his voice.

'Andrew, this can't keep happening. Peter was just another to add to the list of many who are missing. But, how the hell do we fight this thing? Weapons hardly work, and we just can't get close enough without being frozen or tortured or…' He stopped and stared at the floor. Redfern didn't really know what to answer, but Roden wasn't expecting him to. When the receptionist returned, she held a box of migraine tablets. Just in time, Roden thought, as his head pounded vigorously with pain.

Vicky Jeyson sat alone in silence at her kitchen table. She didn't dare enter her son's room. She should really be trying to get some sleep, and it was two-thirty in the morning, so she had no idea how she was still awake.

She was staring out of the kitchen window onto the street. Of course it was just pitch-black, with the hint of orange-tinted street lamps dotting the main road, further down. It must be freezing outside, she thought. She had a horrible chill running up her spine and across her arms, but was dismissing it as the early-morning cold seeping through the vents on the windows. Then, something moved on the street. Or she thought something moved.

Vicky rose from the chair and silently made her way to the window. She leaned on the worktop, and stared harder for a few more minutes. Nothing. Except, a hint of thick, grey fog which was gathering on the front garden. Her eyes widened and panic took over. 'God, no. Please, no. Anything but this,' She whipped open a drawer, and pulled out a huge, painfully sharp knife she used for carving meats. Then she hurriedly shut the kitchen blinds and backed away slowly.

As she reached the kitchen table, she noticed a tall, dark shadow beginning to fall over here. She froze. It was behind her. Luckily, she had enough sense not to turn around. She discreetly looked towards the kitchen door. Thank God it was wide open. She was suddenly about to burst for the door, when she heard a voice. It was deep and forceful, a voice that said its owner always got what it wanted, and it wasn't coming from inside the room, it was inside her mind.


Vicky had no idea how the monster knew her name, but didn't care. She raced for the door, slammed it behind her and desperately tried to decide which way to go. God, she couldn't think. Her mind was foggy with cold chills and pain.

She suddenly couldn't stop coughing. They came out in violent wretches, and she had to hold herself up using the wall. She decided she needed to get out of the house. The creature could only corner her in here.

Still painfully coughing and gagging, Vicky rushed to turn the front door key, and escape into the freezing morning. When she was in the front garden, she ran, leaving the door open behind her. She ran as fast as her failing legs would take her. When she reached the main road, she darted off in the direction of her friend's house. Damn it, Vicky thought as she ran, The Police were right; I shouldn't have gone home alone. But why would the creature want her? It had already taken her son. Obviously that wasn't enough.

When Vicky finally made it to Emeli's house, she was so light-headed, she almost forgot who and where she was. As she banged noisily on the front door, it barely registered in her mind that she was still holding a ginormous knife. She heard a voice calling from inside the house.

'All right, all right, I'm coming,' it said. When the door opened, a shortish woman appeared. She had long light-brown hair, which was slightly mussed from just being pulled out of bed, and large green eyes which showed worry and kindness. When she saw Vicky, all she said was, 'Oh my God, Vicky… quickly, come inside. Err…would you like me to take the knife for you?' She stared at Vicky's petrified face and slowly held out her hand. Vicky passed her the knife and entered the house.

'Thank you so much Emeli. Sorry if I scared you, you have no idea what I've been through lately,' Vicky carefully sat on Emeli's sofa, and Emeli joined her.

'There's no problem. And I heard about Peter. I am truly sorry,'

'Thank you,' Vicky paused a second, then looked Emeli straight in the eye. 'It came to me tonight,'

Emeli's face filled with horror. 'Oh my God…'

'Yeah. I don't know what it wants, or what I'm meant to do now,' Vicky suddenly felt like crying. Emeli put an arm around her shoulder.

'Don't worry. You stay here for the rest of the night. It's almost three, maybe you should try and get some sleep,' Vicky pushed some blonde hair out of her face and nodded.

'Ok. Thanks again, you're a true friend Emeli.' Emeli smiled and led Vicky to the spare bedroom.

As Vicky lay on the bed and tried to drift off to sleep, all she could think about was why would the creature want her. As sleep finally started to close off her mind into peace, she made one more glance outside the window. And on the street was a figure. She jumped up in shock and terror, sleep miles away from her now, and she just want to curl up and scream. But when she looked closer, it wasn't the monster. It was definitely human. Not too tall, and male, from what she could make out. The person didn't walk into any light, just stood there. Then walked away silently. Vicky had no idea who it was, and didn't really want to know. She curled up on the bed, and cried. Half an hour later, sleep finally caught up with her shivering self, and darkness enveloped her.

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