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Roden woke from sleep with a start as the phone rang by the side of his bed. He wasted no time in answering it, being Police meant it could be from a quick chat to a serious incident, especially at five in the morning. He had had hardly any sleep from dealing with the Peter Jeyson case, but did not moan and answered the phone. It was his colleage, Chief Inspector Redfern.

'John, you've got to get yourself down to the station, fast,' Redfern sounded rushed but also excited.

'Why, what's going on? Are you there?'

'Just about to get in the car. Just try and come down as soon as possible.' He hung up. Roden stared at the phone for a moment, before rushing out of bed to quickly wash and put on his uniform.

When he drove to the Police Headquarters, he was greeted at the door by Redfern and a couple of other excited-looking Officers.

'Ah John, hurry, there's someone who wants to talk to us,' Redfern said as Roden approached. They all entered the building and made their way down the corridors.

'Who? What is this all about?' Roden questioned.

'Do you remember Professor Fenbur?'

'Yes, he was leading the Sigma Radiation Research wasn't he?'

'Yeah, and he's here with apparently excellent news,' Roden looked at Redfern with utter surprise as they entered the meeting room where the Professor waited.

Professor Fenbur saw them immediately and walked over to greet them. 'Fantastic!' he said, 'I'm glad you could make it, I've got something rather amazing to tell you,' He was in his late thirties, and had accomplished rather a lot of impressive scientific discoveries when it came to sickness caused by radiation, or other cell-based illnesses. It was all very creditable for someone a lot younger than most Professors'. He had short, light-brown hair and green eyes that radiated life and ideas. 'If you two and the other four Officers would like to take a seat while I explain, be my guest,' Roden and Redfern's boss sat at the far end of the table, while they followed and sat next to him. The others chose their places near them. When they were all settled, the Constable announced,

'Please tell us what you have discovered Professor,' Professor Fenbur headed to the end of the table and held up his hands in expression.

'Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to tell you we had discovered a cure for Sigma Radiation Sickness. We have tested it numerous times on blood and cell samples, and they had been completely immune to any damage. Plus, it seems this cure, how shall I put it? Enhances, the effect the cells have on the body, making the receiver of the cure much more energetic and alert to their surroundings. This is perfect if the receiver was dealing with the creature we have for so long struggled to fight,' The Police looked astonished. Redfern was the first to speak up.

'So, you are saying we finally have a way to get close and personal, with The Slenderman?' Fenbur nodded in vigorous agreement. 'That, is fantastic!' The Police around agreed happily with him. Roden was the only one who said nothing. Memories had suddenly flooded back to him at the worst possible moment. This was a revelation! He should be amazed and preparing for action, instead, he froze with discomfort as past events haunted his mind. Lucy, his beloved wife, and Olivia. She had only been fiveā€¦

'Superintendent? Are you quite alright?' Roden snapped his eyes up to see the Professor looking at him with concern.

'Sorry, I'm fine. I think this is great news,' Fenbur nodded but still had slight worry in his expression. He was a professional; he recognized instantly when there was something wrong. Roden quickly moved everything on by asking a question. 'So, you could literally walk up and hug the bastard without even flinching with that ridiculous chill or pain?' Fenbur laughed slightly at Roden's choice of words and replied,

'Yes, that's the idea. But not only would you have no symptoms of this, Slender Sickness as people call it, it seems the cure provides extra energy to the cells of the human body as a higher amount of defense. This increases senses slightly, and you become more aware through hearing and sight. It really is quite incredible. I thought something like this could only appear in the future years, but, here it is,'

'How is this cure administrated?' The Constable asked.

'Through injection. It takes a few hours to take effect; we have trialled a couple of people, but only tiny amounts to see the results and they were successful. Those cases have worn off now, but the real thing is a much larger dose and lasts forever,'

'And how much have you managed to create?'

'Ah, there is where we have a slight problem,' The Constable frowned at this.

'So, not a lot I'm guessing,'

'Well, this cure was actually incredibly hard to perfect. And of course everything has to be one-hundred per cent correct when it comes to internal administrations to the human body. We made enough for the testing, which you must understand demanded a lot of the substance, and for the final case, we have enough for one entire dose,' The Professor's expression was pleased with the whole idea of having even one dose to use, but the Constable didn't look too happy.

'You do understand Professor that it will probably take more than one cured Officer to fight this creature, even if they have all their weapons, and most are not effective anyway. This thing can dodge bullets with teleportation and smash concrete with supernatural strength. I'm afraid this cure may not be enough. Can you not create more?'

'I understand it will be difficult to pin this creature to one place and hurt it, but one dose is all we have for now. The substance is created in completely air-secured rooms, and is incredibly dangerous to make. All personnel who work with it are at risk as we have to use concentrated Sigma Radiation to boost the cure's effect. We will work as fast as we can to make more doses, but we cannot be rushed, one wrong move and it could be fatal,' The Constable nodded in understanding. 'Also, as there is only one case, do you think it would be best if you chose a willing Officer or allow them to volunteer?' As the Constable considered how would be the best way to decide who receives the cure, Roden couldn't stop thinking about his family. His memories were so horrific and vivid in his mind they would never go away. Anger suddenly flared up inside him at the creature. He finally had a way to seek revenge. To fight back after it had tortured and murdered the people he loved the most. Without thinking, he stood up, looked Fenbur straight in the eye and said,

'I will willingly put myself forward to receive the dose,' The Constable asked him seriously,

'Are you completely sure Superintendent? Once you take it there's no going back, and it's a huge responsibility,'

'I know and I'm sure. Where do I sign?' He added as a little joke. The Professor smiled and went to fetch his briefcase. He serious Roden said in his mind, amused at the fact his joke came true.

Finally. He thought, this is where I kill the monster that tore my life apart.

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