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Vicky woke from sleep panicking. She couldn't breathe. What the hell is happening? She coughed uncontrollably as she dragged her aching body out of bed. Why is the room so black? She could see the sun just peeking over the horizon as it rose outside the window, but the room was dark. And boiling hot. Suddenly, she realised. Smoke! She went to grab the door handle, but orange flickers emerged from the crack under the door. Oh god, oh God, fire! The house is on fire!

'Emeli!' Vicky screamed to the door. The door was already beginning to burn at the edges. 'Emeli! Where are you?' She got no answer. She was trapped. She ran to the window, keeping her head down and examined outside to see if she could climb out the window. But, she was at the back of the house on the third storey. There is no way she would survive an instant drop to the garden. Or she would end up with a whole body of broken bones.

She remembered everyone always saying if you need to jump out a window, throw the mattress out first. How the hell was she supposed to do that? She was only a small build, and there was no way the mattress would fit out the window. She would have to risk opening the door.

Vicky made her way to the door, and gradually went to turn the door handle. It was warm, but she ignored it and slowly pulled the door open. Heat instantly filled the room, and Vicky had to back away. Flames started to creep into the room. When she looked round the door, the sight was horrific. There was bright orange fire filling the house, destroying everything. But, there was a small section where the fire hadn't reached. She could reach the staircase! As Vicky prepared to run, she froze at a sight at the bottom of the stairs. There was a person. She couldn't see who it was, but he looked in his late teens. He looked at her, and then quickly walked away. Vicky ran to the staircase and after the boy.

The heat was ridiculously manic. It threatened to catch her hair or clothes as she raced down two flights of staircases. On the ground floor, she saw the young figure exiting through the front door. Just before she was about to race after him, Vicky heard a desperate shout.

'Help! Vicky, please! Help!' Vicky looked to her right to find Emeli clutching the doorframe to the kitchen. She was screaming in pain as her foot had caught on fire.

Vicky's reaction was to run to the sink and fetch water, but the kitchen was out of bounds. The flames were eating away every corner. In panic, she stripped of her jumper and started to use it as a fire blanket. It wasn't very good at putting out the fire, but it was all Vicky could do. After many precious seconds, the fire on Emeli's leg was finally out. Her skin was extremely burnt, and was a blackish red colour. Emeli couldn't stop crying out in pain as Vicky helped her limp out of the house.

Many other citizens had gathered around the house and were already calling emergency services. After just minutes, Police, the Fire Brigade and an Ambulance had arrived. Everyone wanted to question Vicky, but she was determined to find the boy that was in the house. Had he started the fire?

When the Police made their way over to Vicky, she knew they'd want to know everything, but she didn't have time to explain. Instead, she just called over to them,

'I think the person who did this ran towards the forest!' The Police looked over to the eerie trees, and just as Vicky had said, a boy was stood, staring at them at the edge of the forest.

'Hey!' the Police called, 'Stop right there!' They went to chase after the boy, but he disappeared into the foliage. Vicky ran after them despite the paramedics trying to persuade her into the ambulance.

When they reached the edge, everyone stopped. The sun hadn't risen above the horizon line yet, so it was still quite dark, and that meant the forest was pitch black. Surely the police would just keep running? Vicky thought. But they were like statues. Vicky could feel a very unnerving sensation building up inside her, but she needed to find out who the boy was. Why he was here.

Vicky took a small step forward into the forest, which were followed by many edgy ones until she was completely swallowed up by the pine trees surrounding her. Suddenly, she felt very alone. But not just the feeling you get when you're alone in your house on an evening, this was much worse. Like she had been isolated from reality itself.

Vicky had lost her jumper when she saved Emeli from the fire, so she was freezing up as she stumbled over every stone or log she came across. After around another hundred meters or so, she stopped, to find the boy she had been following standing ten meters away. She hadn't noticed him in the darkness. He seemed to be completely still, and he was stood in front of a very dark tree trunk. Strange, where were its leaves and branches?

'Who the hell are you?' Vicky asked desperately. 'Why were you in my friend's house?' She stepped closer. The boy flinched slightly, like he didn't want her to come close. And something moved behind him. The tree, surely it didn't just stir. Vicky was in too much of a state to care about that right now. She just needed to know who this psychopath was.

'You'd better tell me. I've got heaps of police behind me. Would you like to mess with them?' She began to stride towards the boy. He backed up, and the tree behind him suddenly revealed itself. She hadn't been close when guessing what it was. It moved forward, and Vicky's mind instantly filled with icy pain.

'Stop there,' an unfortunately familiar voice said in her mind. The pain in her head increased, and she cried out and obeyed. She fell to her knees as another figure stood before her. Slenderman. She gasped and desperately crawled backwards, finding anything to drag her away from the creature, but it revealed its long, black tendrils and grabbed her around the neck. It wasn't strangling her, but was close to doing so.

Vicky couldn't find her breath, and she wanted to look away, but the creature had her held firmly in place. The boy stepped up next to Slenderman and observed Vicky. She thought she could make out a smile.

'P-please,' Vicky managed to whisper through the tightening choke. 'S-top,' A moment past when the boy finally spoke. When Vicky heard it, she wanted to curl up and fall into a black hole.

'Let her go,' he said. After another few tense seconds, Slenderman released Vicky and she collapsed forwards, barely stopping herself hit the ground. She had no words to describe how she was feeling.

There was a moment of silence before the boy spoke again. 'No. She's isn't a problem,' he seemed to say to no-one in particular. Vicky realised he must be talking to the monster. Then he turned to her and said, 'We won't be a problem either. You keep quiet and don't go rambling to the police, and you'll be fine,'

The first rays of sunshine suddenly burst over the horizon, and a small amount of light fell over all of them. Vicky looked straight to the boy's face and wanted to scream. She didn't understand. How could he be here? But there was something very wrong with him. It filled Vicky with a new horror and shock. The boy's eyes had no pupils or irises. They were completely white. And staring right at her.

'Oh my God…' Vicky whispered, barely audible. As the boy backed up to leave he said finally,

'You mention anything to anyone, and you're dead,' Then he ran through the forest. Slenderman sent a final shock of pain through Vicky's head before he teleported away in fog. Vicky couldn't handle it. This couldn't happen. She could feel herself going to pass out, and she whispered in hurt and agony, 'God…Peter. No…'

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