It was 6:00 PM on November 16th, 2114, and crime rates were the lowest they'd ever been.

6:00 and the streets were empty – clean of derelicts, no-gooders, and hooligans.

6:00 and everyone in the Republic was safely tucked away in their homes, going about their quiet business.

6:00 and on came the Report, echoing through the city from speakers on every block.

"Good evening, good people of the Republic," it said.

"Today was our 2036th day without incident. We offer congratulations to you, the Public, for doing your part in public safety," it said.

6:01 and families silently sat around dining room tables.

"In order for the Republic remain without incidents, we ask that you now fill out your Citizen Report Cards on any suspicious activity you may have witnessed that have the possibility to threaten the peace of our perfect society," it said.

6:02 and all through the city hands scratched the names of family, friends, coworkers and neighbors onto the dull, blank cards.

"Remember, a lack of suspicion of your fellow citizens means a lack of concern for our Republic, and a lack of concern makes you a suspicion!" it said.

6:03 and the speakers went out with the usual final words, "All for the Greater Good!"

6:05 and officials arrived at doorsteps, collection boxes ready.

6:06 and dinner is served and families ate in peace.

6:25 and dishes were thrown in the disposal.

6:30 and knocks came at the Accused doors. Family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors were taken into the clean streets – now filled with the new derelicts, no-gooders, and hooligans.

6:31 and the streets rang out with cries and bangs and orders.

6:32 and all was quiet again. It had been a good night: a total of 43 were no longer a threat to the Republic, all thanks to the Greater Good.

6:32 PM on November 16th, 2114, and the Republic was guaranteed another day of Public safety. Nothing was worth more than the Greater Good.