I had this dream.

I was starring into this boys eyes.

They were blue and clear.

Watery and perfect.

He was trying to tell me something.

I wanted so badly to figure out what.

Yet, somehow i knew.

I had never met him before.

But they say your mind can't make up people.

So, I know i have seen him before.

Maybe we have even met or passed on the streets.

We were just standing there with all his friends gathered behind him.

Anticipation growing.

Snickers rattling off their lips.

But, or some reason i didn't care.

We were the only two people who mattered.

The only two even there.

We just stood there like we could see into each others souls.

Read each others minds.

Like this was enough.

Like being here,shoes planted in the dry dust, was enough.

I never blushed.

Never looked way.

I was never afraid.

I want that to actually happen to me.

I wonder if anyone has ever had that.

What was i experiencing,

Is that how love feels?

Maybe it was nothing...

But still,

I can't help but,

want that.