You Suck More Than Imhotep

Your words are woven
Around the chambers of my heart,
Just waiting for my gaze to reabsorb their meaning,
For them to glow

And I remember online talks
At 2am,
Because we were just two souls
Learning the meaning of the term
'Kindred spirits'.

You understand every nuance
Of emotion in my breath,
As I understand every detail
Of thought in yours.

And I remember phone calls
In the dead of night –
2am again, probably –
Because you needed me
And I needed you,
And because that's what friends
Are for.

You understand how my mind changes
With the seasons,
And we share summer and winter,
And spring and autumn,
And all the secrets in between.

And we'll spend all year quoting
Everyone and everything
We find funny,
And we'll never get tired
Of revelling in our own

And I remember every word
You ever wrote,
About yourself, about me,
About him, about her,
About us and
About everybody and

Because every word
Is so beautiful,
Just like everything
You do.

Every line is a ribbon
That tightens around my heart,
Until you are a million threads of silver,
Instrumental in
Keeping me alive.

Because darling,
You are the best of me.