A deepening love

Creeps up from within.

My heart in tatters,

A battle with no win.

Because you don't exist,

As neither do I.

You live in my heart,

Your face in my mind.

Sweet child, singing,

A lovely lonely song.

Little angel lovely,

Who can do no wrong.

Let me hold you close,

I promise not to get you dirty.

Let me hold you close,

And sing a song to me.

Little lovely,

The world you sing

Is so sweet.

Little lovely,

You show me flowers

And rivers and trees.

Here am I,

A burden to you always.

Should you cry,

I will wipe your tears away.

Little lovely angel,

That exists but in my mind,

How can a little lovely,

Pretend angel be so kind?

Little lovely,

Please don't ever leave.

Little lovely,

please stay here with me.

My little lovely,

Who exists nowhere but my heart,

Little lovely,

You've been real from the start.

Little lovely,

I've loved you from the very start.