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Chapter 1

Early morning sunlight weaved it's way through curtain blinds, carrying warm, settling dust.

It reached it's golden hand through the blank room, sliding along the cement walls, and climbing up the gray bed with a single dark red blanket. Grasping the teen within it's clutches.

The girl groaned and pulled the blanket over her red-golden head.

"Somebody turn off the sun." She moaned.

The darkness of the blanket suddenly seemed to have evaporated as slim, bandaged hands grabbed the sheets and pulled.

The ginger hissed through clenched teeth, snatched the pillow under her head, and slammed it against her eyes.

"Zaya, you lazy bum." A firm, feminine voice snaked its way to the girl's ears. "Get up, it's nearly six."

Zaya groaned and moaned out another, almost, sentence.

"Light; bad. Darkness; good."

Although since it was smothered by the pillow it sounded more like just a chorus of umphs and grunts.

The same hands that stole the sheet, gripped the pillow and flung it across the room like a wet paper towel.

The light hit the ginger's eyelids and she let out a gurgled screech, her body springing upright like a 2` by 4`.

"I will strangle the life out of you!" Zaya yelled in the other teen's face, irritated by waking up sooner than she wanted.


The corner of her shakheha's(1) lips twitched as Zaya's hair suddenly went from straight as a line ending in points at her hips with parted, spiked, side bangs to full, spiky layered with none, ending at the middle of her back.

Zaya's face went redder the more her shakheha's smile grew.

She held up her pointer finger with a calm face and pointed at the sheet thief.

"Not a word. Not even a chuckle." Zaya said with an undertone of warning.

Her shakheha choked her bubbling laughter down.

"Come on, Khepri's waiting for us." The ravenette said, her light emerald greens sparkling with mirth.

"Alright, alright." Zaya mumbled, reaching over the side of her bed and picking up her uniform from the top of the night stand.

Her shakheha walked out of the room to give her privacy. But Zaya still went into the bathroom, just in case.

Pulling her white nightgown over her head, she flung it into the dirty night clothes basket.

Though she didn't understand why they had that. They each just had one uniform and one night gown. Since the clothes were always ready and washed when they were needed, like clockwork.

Zaya slipped on a clean bra and a new, clean pair of underwear and socks, putting the other pairs in the appropriate baskets. Unlike the outer clothes, they had plenty of bras, underwear, and socks.

Zaya wiggled into the pair of blue-black jeans that hugged nicely to the waist and flowed out at the ankles, snuggling the rest of her legs.

She then buttoned on the pristine, white, short sleeved shirt with a ruffled neckline.

She grabbed the dark blue, red and yellow sequined jacket, pushed her arms through the sleeves, and slipped her white socks into her camouflaged combat boots.

She liked leaving her boots tied, so she could just slip them on and off. Plus she wouldn't have to waste any time.

She stopped a minute to study herself in the middle mirror out of the three before leaving.

She fixed her hair before she got dressed, so it was back to it's normal style.

Zaya wasn't the kind of girl to really care about appearances unlike her oldest shakheha, Khepri. She didn't obsessively check her makeup every ten minutes, because she didn't wear any other trace of makeup other than her Kohl eyeliner and that was only because it reminded her of home. Along with her eyes and necklace.

Her eyes were an indescribable shade of amethyst with specks of red in the irises. Her kohl just made them pop out even more. Her eyelashes were full for her age of fourteen Sagittarius and grown diagonally out to come to a thin point. Though her bottom lashes were just normal, they still added to the otherworldly effect.

Unlike her daela hoeat' (2), who had some tan, she was nearly as pale as humanly possible.

She had those kind of facial structures that no one could really describe physically.

Just that she had the kind of face that was beautiful when normal, radiant and cute when smiling, confident when determined, and terrifying when mad. Along with a small dip in her temples.

She wasn't the only one with that kind of description about her. Her daela hoeat' were just as amazing, sometimes even more so, despite their protests, saying that all three of them were beautiful in their own ways.

Well, Eboni's protests. Khepri loved to lavish in the spotlight. She also had a taste for being egregious. But was still a loving and caring shakheha.

Zaya was already deep in her thoughts, so naturally when there was a banging on the door she jumped.

"Zaya! Let's go!" An elderly, screeching voice came through the door.

Zaya clenched her fists, fighting the urge to tell mora bia (3) off.

"I'm coming." She shouted.

She waited until the heavy footfalls were gone to come out. She walked back into the room, walking to the ivory, jewelry box.

She lifted the lid just to see a single, choker style wesekh.

It wasn't large and glamorous like the ones of old, but there was some of the same style.

There were lion heads adorning the top corners and there were quite a few stones.

There were a few violet-red Almandines and some other Granites along with a few Ambers and Jaspers, ranging in all sorts of colors like red, brown, green, yellow, etc.

The wesekh wasn't ridiculously overflowing with details, beads and precious gems, just large enough to cover the whole neck and stopped at the collar bone.

It looked more like whoever made it was in a desperate hurry to get all the stones on the necklace. Like it was a life or death situation.

Zaya shook off those thoughts and clasped the golden choker on. Most would have expected it to weigh a ton, but actually it was as light as a feather. Not putting any unnecessary weight on her neck and shoulders, keeping her neck at a normal length.

She could hear the thudding steps of mora bia once more and rushed out of the room before the lady got even close to her bedroom door again.

"I know, I know. I'm going to the field now, just need my weapons."

Mora bia stiffly nodded her gray, wispy head and walked away to the kitchen.

Zaya walked to the weapons cabinet, unlocked it, and pulled out her dual blades and chain whip.

The blades were of an onyx black metal outlined with dark red, one was slim and small enough to hide in your sleeve if you wanted, fashioned in a sort of katana style. The other was like the kind you see in games; Imposing, menacing, and deadly.

The chain whip was, well, a silver chain whip. With a sturdy leather handle, it was littered with spikes, designed like the wings of a small bat, sharp enough to amputate a limb with one good whip. The end was triangular with claws that closed to a sharp point, that were able to grab onto the victim if needed.

How? Was known only to the wielder.

Zaya liked the whip most, because it helped concentrate her... "Gifts."

Allowing it to flow and spark through the snake to add even more of a fatal effect.

Zaya belted the coiled whip to her waist, securing the X-shaped scabbard to her back, sliding the blades within it.

Zaya looked out the window to view upon the practice field.

Eboni was jabbing dummies with her great sword, spear strapped to her back. Khepri was shooting targets with her arrows, nearly hitting dead center, the "blade" boomerangs at her hips.

Zaya peered out a little longer, looking for their dahloe seeya(4). Not seeing the men anywhere nearby, her posture sagged.

"Don't tell me they're trying again. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take! The last one was a major prick dick!"

Zaya didn't normally use vulgar language, not even in her thoughts. Not that she disapproved of it though, her daela hoeat' just wouldn't let her use it. So that just shows how much of a disaster the last one was.

Just like with her thoughts, she shook the feelings off and marched to the side door, leading out to the field.

And that's when she felt it.

The minute whoosh of a desert breeze, dragging across her skin with caresses.

She knew what this feeling was.

"Seems like I better prepare before midday."

The readiness lingered in her mind and she kept it there.

Zaya took one deep breath and pushed the door open. Ready to get any and all agitating feelings out in one of the few ways she learned how.

(1) Shakheha- Sister. (One)

(2) Daela hoeat'- Sisters (more than one)

(3) Mora bia- Nanny

(4) Dahloe seeya- Guardians (More than one)

Also wesekh is actually an egyptian word. It's a necklace.

If you find a reliable website to help me with the Arabic words. I would be grateful.