Chapter 2


The wood splintered in half as one sword swiped straight down the middle, another sword pinning the dummy through the shoulder to the tree.

Zaya breathed heavily as the dummy slumped to the fresh, dew grass.

A speeding shadow out of the corner of her eyes alerted her.

She snapped off the belted whip and with a flick of her wrist, it uncoiled, striking the wooden gunner before it pulled the trigger of the riffle.

It fell to the ground.

"You keep getting better and better by the day." A deep voice praised. The kind you expect a dense, dark rainforest to have.

Zaya smelled the scent of fresh, green leaves and newly bloomed flowers on a gust of wind.

She turned and standing before her was a man of sixteen Virgo's with moss green eyes. His hair was smooth without a single strand out of place on the back of his head, along with the laminated raven feather. But four clusters of hair spiked out from the side of his head, along with sharp, angled bangs stopping at his nose bridge, one side bang stopping at his bottom jaw line.

He had a mild, dark cinnamon tan, and a handsome face with a sharp chin, thin brows, and not too full-not too thin lashes.

"Tehuti," Zaya said to the younger of their dahloe seeya.

Tehuti smiled as he fingered his knot necklace. His boutonniere on his shoulder strap still looked as fresh and lovely as any real flower. The petals a forest green and the bottoms leafs a dark blue.

His brown, leather, belted jacket still wrinkled as ever, with the white undershirt collar poking out. Still wearing his favorite black, baggy pants.

His other bandaged hand clutched his long bow, the quiver strapped to his back.

"Where's Re?" Zaya asked about the other dahloe seeya.

Tehuti stopped fingering the nylon thread and blushed.

She then figured out where.

She looked over to the archery zone and saw Re slowly adjusting Khepri's shooting posture, their bodies slowly getting closer.

She turned away before she saw anymore.

She'd admit that she didn't like the sight. But not because she had a crush on Re, he was more like a big bro to her. Zaya just knew where all that was going and...

She didn't like the look in Khepri's eyes.

Like the look you would expect of a stalker when you met him/her face to face. Lust and longing.

Re was a great guy; she didn't want him to get hurt, neither him nor Tehuti. Especially since they actually cared about her, knowing what she was.

Zaya was always the black sheep. Her daela hoeat' powers were acceptable. Not her's.

She shook off those thoughts. She always had a habit of that.

Zaya looked back at Tehuti, just to see him giving her the same look as the stalker image.

She shook her head, telling him that it wasn't really him, just the conflict; the contrast between their kinds.

He seemed to have snapped out of it, his eyes becoming clearer.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

Zaya ignored it.

"Tehuti!" Eboni's musical voice rang out.

Zaya saw her shakheha determinedly walking towards them, purpose in her strides.

Her eyes were hard.

"Uh oh, this won't end well." Zaya mumbled.

Eboni stopped when she and Tehuti were practically face to face.

"You two were out again. Weren't you? Searching for another wasea (1) for her?" She questioned, stoned face.

Tehuti nodded his head, chagrin. He never really did like making Eboni mad.

Eboni shook her head, disappointed and disapproving, her raven hair shifting into her caramel face.

Like Zaya said before. Her daela hoeat' were beautiful. But Eboni seemed to be the most gorgeous out of the three of them.

At the age of sixteen Taurus', Eboni had a full, curved, athletic body. Her face was a bit more angled than Zaya's. Her hair was straight and curled in at the end at her waistline, with the same bangs as Zaya. Her eyes were an amazing shade of light emerald green, always sparkling whether angry or not.

While all three of the daela hoeat' had athletic bodies, Zaya was the least 'filled out' as Khepri had put it. After all she was the youngest. Zaya was still developing, and she didn't actually care about her bust size. She just wanted to keep her body and health to where she wouldn't struggle in battles.

Besides, it was for the best, what with her kind of powers.

"Deh L Blah (2)!" Eboni screamed.

Zaya cringed, regretting for zoning since apparently Tehuti and her shakheha got into an argument.

Eboni gently gripped Zaya's arm and marched away from Tehuti.

When they got to the Great sword area, Eboni let go of her arm.

"They're complete nimrods (3*). Can't they remember that people other than us don't know you exist?" Eboni mumbled under her breath. Zaya would have missed it if she wasn't teached to have good hearing.

Zaya might have defended their dahloe seeya'...

But Eboni was right.

A desert wind like the one before blew across her face.

Zaya looked towards the sky and saw the sun set at midday.

"I have to go. It's time for my studies." Zaya said to her sister while walking back to the flat.

Eboni nodded, not paying attention as she went back to slashing the dummies.

"If only it was studies." Zaya thought solemnly.

She walked into the flat, towards the stairs, then to the left, scuffling into the kitchen.

There on the glazed, stone island was a bowl of steaming soup with a spoon and a note right next to it. Zaya picked the sheet of paper up and read:

Be careful.

Mora bia

Zaya had to smile a little bit. Mora bia always seemed to know what was going on in and miles outside her home.

She cupped the bowl in both hands, the heat not burning her, and began to walk out the back door to the dense, never ending forest.

As she walked closer to the tree line, she thought about what Eboni said.

'"Can't they remember that people other than us don't know you exist?"'

Zaya stopped a second and turned her head to glance back at the flat before continuing on.

"Sometimes I forget that my name isn't even my name." Zaya thought as she entered the woods and still walked on. Destination in mind. "And most of the time I forget that I don't exist... People, except my daela hoeat', dahloe seeya', and Mora bia, forgot about me... Just as I forgot myself..."

Despair and confusion set in her spirits but was quickly driven away by an invisible force. As if someone pushed those negative feelings out of her body.

But Zaya didn't stop and question it.

She just continued walking on and on. Getting closer and closer to where she needed to be.

1- wasea (One guardian)

2- Deh L Blah or Dah L Blah (Idiot)

3*- nimrods (Couldn't translate it to Arabic)