This is my first poem on here. I would have put it up sooner but I was busy on fan fiction. I hope at least one person likes it. ~JaySeanRocks~

Don't Let it Break Your Heart

After a breakup

You don't want to wake up

You feel so alone

Like you don't have a home

Your heart is broken

So many words unspoken

Thinking no-one sees you cry

Nobody sees you die

He sees and hears you

You can get through

And have no more pain

Still staying sane

If you pray to Him

And let Him in

You will rejoice

Making lots of noise

Watching your every move and motion

Stronger than a magic potion

Stronger than the antidote

That can heal you soar throat

He is there in many many ways

He is there, forever and always

I hoped some people liked it. Review and give me tips. I haven't done poetry for a long time so tips would help. JaySeanRocks out.