Hi; I got into the mode for writing a story about people I met in my life. This story's about drama/romance/comedy/mystery. The main character is specifically Nadia T/Suminonai Sanchez and another main is Stephanie. Different people with different backgrounds hoping for a better life.

Disclaimers: I am using names from actual names from people in my school. You could say this is a fanfic of us, but since we're not fictional characters, its fiction, I guess.

The Enchanted Wonders of Day & Night – chapter 1


- Nadia's POV -

"Maybe I'm just a normal girl... going to a normal school. Yeah that's it."

I frowned as I talked to Juliet, my only friend, about the wonders of being at this public school. I hated this place. Each and every day, you would end up seeing people getting into fights or something. You would end up seeing couples make out and do other stuff… I don't want to get deep into that so moving on. Anyways, this is my last year here at this middle school. I'm off to high school and hoping that I could make it into a better school than this one. It's the end of August and I have a long way to go until May of next year. Each day was the same since school started. I got up & walked to school, sat through boring lectures, walked back home, made myself dinner, did useless homework, took a shower, and went to sleep. That was my everyday routine. My parents were never usually around to do the parenting stuff they're supposed to do. They were at work and never came home. I never got any love/care or got taught the good/bad things to do and not do. I guess you could say I'm emotionless and reckless. Everything was the same until that day.

My friend wasn't here. I was all alone at that crappy school. My only comfort class was my last class, algebra, where I could stay most of my breaks in and where the teacher wasn't mean. Suddenly, in the middle of class, I got a gift basket. The students made some woes and awes of whose it from.

To: Miss Nadia Tsuminonai San.

From: OH

The first thought that occurred through my mind was, "Who's OH…?" I waited until class was over to open the wrapped basket. "I think you're going to get IN." My teacher exclaimed to me. "Into what?" I opened the card and it read,

"Congratulations Nadia, you have been offered a scholarship into "Ocean Heaven" Academy."

I was confused. My teacher explained to me that "Ocean Heaven" was a school for the talented and most academic middle school students. Apparently, I'M talented…but I disagree. Ocean Heaven's real name is Seaside Heights. The school was located a little far away from here, and it was a private school. The only school I was really interested in for next year was Pennyson High School. It was also a private school in the neighboring city that only 3.5 and higher GPA students could get into. Maybe I could attend that random private school and easily get into Pennyson. So that's what I did. I signed the paper, packed my necessary stuff, and waited for a formal ride to the school. I don't want to suffer being here any longer. I want to be someone, even if it means leaving a close person behind. Maybe this decision will help me for the future I want.

"I want to be someone, at least."

-Stephanie POV-

Being a 7th grader is some tough work. I hate it, but I got my friends with me. What do I got to worry about?

That's what I thought. Sigh, my life is just about fangirling about the exciting things in life. Boys. Bands. Love Stories. Love stories about boy bands? Yup! I'm also a 1D fangirl! I attend the school, "Walterson Middle" on the other side of I city I live at. My friends are Joane, Brianna, Jasmine, Ruben and a few others too. I'm the section leader at my school's orchestra. You could also say that I'm a rich girl, but I don't usually mention that to my friends. My full name is Stephanie Weasley De Plascencia. Today turned out to be the weirdest day in my life. My phone rang in the middle of a violin solo I had in Advanced Strings. "Fudge." The music teacher quickly gave me permission to go outside to answer the call. I didn't know the number, it just said 666*-013… but I answered anyways. "Hello Miss Stephanie." The voice at the other end answered. Okay, I wasn't sure if I should be scared since that person knows my name. "H-Hello!" I stuttered nervously. "We would like to congratulate you, Miss Stephanie, to getting a chance to earn a scholarship at the private Seaside Heights Academy, for your talent and excellent academics. This is a free enrollment. However-" I thought… the word "free" echoed through my mind, over and over again. But I thought about it more, a school I've never heard of. Stephanie, a private school, leaving my friends, and the things I have here. Stephanie and a random private school do not fit. "Sorry, Mister, I have all the things I want at the school I'm at now. Goodbye." "That's alright. It's a pleasure to talk to you, Stephanie Weasley De Plascencia. Goodbye." There was a beeping at the other end of the line. "Weird. Oh well." I put my phone back in my pocket and entered the band room.

"I have everything I need, right?"


August 29, 2012

Normal POV

Nadia woke up from her slumber. She noticed that her alarm didn't ring; she noticed that THERE WAS NO ALARM. Stephanie was still sleeping on a bed, mumbling in her sleep about someone. "Please. Stay…say! Yes..." Nadia threw a pillow at Stephanie aggressively. "RISE AND SHINE SLEEPING BEAUTY!" "Huh.." Stephanie looked around and noticed that she wasn't in her room. "Where am i?" "Same question I'm asking. I remember getting ready to leave… wait! My suitcase!" Nadia ran out of the room to find her suitcase. She looked around to find a large light blue living room, with a plasma tv, a couch and everything you could ever need. And her suitcase. "This place is better than my house. Hey! Sleeping beauty! Come check this place out!" There were yellow curtains in front of a large window, probably leading out to the balcony. There was another window. Nadia observed from the window and saw that they were high up from the ground. Not really, but guessing they're probably on the 3rd floor? "What is this place… a dorm?" Stephanie said. She noticed the time on the clock. 9:23 "Shit! I'm so late for school." "School starts at 9:45 and we get out at 4:00. We aren't late, you know this is Seaside Heights academy? Right?" "NO! I didn't want to come to this place. I want to go back to Walterson! I told the guy on the phone that I was rejecting the scholarship." "Well I'm not sure then. Who are you anyways?" "I'm Stephanie, a 7th grader at Walterson." "I'm Nadia, and 8th grader. I went to Walton; it was close by to Walterson. Now I'm here." "Let's go out to find out what we're doing here." Stephanie opened the door and two cute guys were outside. One was Asian and the other was Mexican...or white. They didn't look like Nadia's age, but they did look like Stephanie's. "Hey new people." Nadia blushed and gave a peace sign as a hello. "What are you people doing here?" said Stephanie. "We're here to welcome you two at this new school. Both of us came here a couple weeks from Walterson Middle and now we got use to this place. I'm Steven. The gay douche next to me is Kasey." Kasey punched Steven and Nadia bursts out laughing. "Any questions you want an answer to." Kasey said. "YES! Well why am I at this school when I didn't accept the scholarship call to this school?" "You can't turn down the offer. Once you get chosen, you HAVE to come here. That's what happened to Kasey. You can't leave the school campus without permission from school people." Steven said. "What…" Stephanie froze. "Is she going to be okay?" Kasey asked curiously, as he blushed and smiled. "Yeah, little miss sleeping beauty needs a little time to think about this whole situation." Nadia face palmed. "If you ever need anything, we live in room 404. We have to get to school now." "Okay. Bye." She closed the door, Stephanie was still motionless.

Stephanie POV


That word kept reiterating in my mind. No! Why?! I can't believe this. I have to call a lawyer or someone! What about my parents? Were they also called, and they agreed to this? I can't stay… I don't want to leave Joane or Ruben or any of my other friends behind. Especially Ruben... My shocked expression suddenly went away. "Earth to sleeping beauty. Stop being in Lala land," Nadia threw a pillow at me. "H-Hey!" "You have to face the truth, Steph. You can't leave." "Just watch me!" I walked out of the room and down stairs of the dorm building. Nadia followed me. "Don't go! What if they'll do something if you suddenly decide to leave without permission?" "Uh…" Maybe she was right. I don't want to take that risk. I took a deep breath and turned to Nadia. "Fine. I'll stay, only if you become my roommate." "Deal." We went back to the dorm (dorm 407 to be exact) and changed into the school uniform. It was a black blazer uniform top, black skinny jeans with a yellow tie for 7th graders, and my choice of gray converse. She wore the same thing, but the tie was purple and the converse shoes were neon green. We walked to the school which was right next to the dorm building. It wasn't like an actual private school, surprisingly. It wasn't indoor either. You could say it looked like a normal public school. (such as seaside middle school) We entered the school office (that was really fancy!) and got our class schedules. Both of us parted our ways for now and headed to class.

"Okay, let's see…. 7th grade Gym class is by the track. Okay…"

"You need help?" A girl about my age asked. "Yeah." She looked at my paper and pointed the direction of my class. "We have mostly all the same classes. Let's walk together. My name's Czien Airi De Guzman, section leader of the school's orchestra." "My name's Stephanie. I use to be the section leader at my old school." I sighed. I really miss my old friends and how life used to be there. I've only been here for about a couple hours and I'm homesick. Yep. "Don't worry, I'll help you get adjusted here and you'll make fast friends." She smiled brightly. She seems really nice and loyal. We sat at the benches near the field after the teacher took attendance. "How long have you been here?" I curiously asked. "Since the first day of school on August 8th. Not too long." "Oh." "Yeah, me, Regina and Cindy have been here since that day and we've been pretty close friends." "Regina? Cindy?" "Regina is the most amazing viola player and Cindy plays violin in the orchestra. Regie's well known around the 7th graders and she has a crush on a popular guy named Steven. Shh! You never heard that from me." Steven? Wait, where have I heard that name before? Oh! The guy from this morning! It's not that surprisingly that he would be well liked by other girls. He's OKAY. "Okay." "Yeah. You can hang out with us at lunch to get to know us better. We'll catch you up on the details around here." "Uh, sure." "Have you met Kasey Javier?" "Hm, yeah. he was with Steven in the morning." "What do you think of him?" "He's kind of cute." "You know it's kind of sad…" "Why?" "Both of you would make a good couple together, but he doesn't go out with any girl. He rejects all of them. He thinks he's all that because he's the soccer captain in the school's soccer team." "That's pretty cool; I would've never thought he would be captain." My heart skipped a beat. This couldn't mean… nah. It's not possible I would move on from Ruben to a guy I barely even know. I shook that thought away from my mind. "Yeah, a lot of people say that. Let's get ready to go since the bells about to ring." "Yeah." The bell rang; we got up and we walked to our next class.

5th period - Lunch

-Nadia's POV-

The day continues to go on. It is 5th period now, and I'm on my way to gym. Okay, the teachers seem pretty nice and so far I'm well-liked by them. I just need to see the rest of them as the day go on. I entered the band room by the two cherry blossom trees and the food courtyard. "Hey." I turned around and saw Steven. "Oh, hi!" I smiled. "Where are you going?" "Gym, what about you?" "Honors Band. It's pretty cool!" He smiled. I don't know what was going on, but I think I was starting to have a crush on him. Love at first sight and conversation. "Can I hang out with you at lunch? I need someone to show me around." "Sure, if im not busy." "okay, I'll wait for you outside." I smiled. Kasey, who was also also on his way to class, saw both of us. "So you got a girlfriend Steven? Hey! Don't cheat on-!" Steven covered his mouth. "She and I aren't going out. And I'm not going out with her either." "Whatever you say." …Don't cheat on… who does he means by that. I was curious! He must have a girl he likes. I heaved a sigh. He was a year younger than me; I obviously didn't have a chance with him. The class was over and the bell rang. OKAY! I waited for him out of class while he helped others put instruments away. Once he got out, he had a bento box [lunch meal] in his hands. "IS THAT A BENTO!?" "Yeah, it has sushi and rice in it with a couple of egg rolls. You want one?" I remembered I didn't bring lunch, or money to buy some, so why not? I got one and ate it. Both of us talked and talked; we had a lot in common, shockingly. But I had a bad feeling that people were glaring at me. "Steven~!" A girl ran up to him and hugged him from behind." "Oh, hey Regina. Where's everyone else?" "They're in the cafeteria getting food. I told them I would wait outside for them." "Okay that's cool." "Who's your friend?" She pointed at me. "She's a new 8th grader and her name's Nadia." "Oh really, hi Nadia!" She smiled. I could easily tell this was a fake smile, however she tried to hide it as much as possible. I could still see it. I disliked these type of people. Not hate, but dislike. "Hi." I simply replied. I'm guessing this is the girl that Kasey was mentioning. Yep. "I'm going to go challenge someone later. You two want to watch?" "Sure." Steven answered & I nodded my head. Regina's other friend's came and Stephanie was among them in the group. They ate and entered the band room to watch the challenge. "YOU GO GIRL!" Her friends cheered. She played the allegro version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik against another 7th grader. I was amazed; it wasn't like something I imagined. The way she could easily move her fingers to touch the strings was elegant. I was kind of jealous. Her friends were also astounded with her skills. As she stopped playing, they all clapped. Steven clapped louder than anyone else in the room, and everyone knows why except me. The other person sadly didn't rank up in the orchestra, but Regina did. "How was it? Terrible? I knew I should've practiced more." She frowned. "No! It was really incredible!" Steven supported. "That's the reason you got chosen at this school, duh." Czien added. "Yeah, I guess so!" She turned her frown around. "What did you think, Nadia?" "Me? Well I thought…IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!" A fake tear dropped down to my cheek. "Thank you." I was no match against her to win his feelings. "What's your talent? Fatima, one of their friends, asked me. "I'm not sure." "WHAT!" They gasped in unison. "You have to have a talent if you got chosen to come here!" Cindy yelled. "Yeah, but I don't know." They froze. "What about sports? Science? Math?" Danielle asked. "Nope." "Art?" "Yeah, I guess you could say that's my talent." "Show one of your drawings!" Steven exclaimed. "I don't have none of my old drawings since I left them at home and I don't have my art supplies to make one." "You could use the art room. It's pretty huge and the only art class is 6th period. It's free for student use." Regina said. I remembered that my schedule had 6th period arts with Ms. Hollings. This is probably a chance for me to show who I am. "Really thanks." The bell rang and off I went to my art class.

-Regina POV-

"I don't have anything against her."

Who does she think she is if she could suddenly waltz into my life and take him away? That's not fair when I saw him first. At least he likes me, or so I hear that from people. Both of us met two weeks ago on our way to Biology class. It was about time that the bell was going to ring.

"Agh!" I dropped my books.

"Are you okay?!" A boy asked.

He was cute and I could tell his glasses were broken on the side. He helped me pick up my books. The bell rang; this isn't good at all. "Oh no! I'm so sorry that I made you late to class." "It's okay, I'm usually always late so it doesn't matter." He smiled. "You wanna go get some food at the courts at break." "Yeah sure!" We met up again later and he told me his name was Steven. I introduced myself too, and that's how it happened. I talked to his childhood friend and she told me that he had a crush on me. After that day, I was determined to impress him with my viola skills. I even went with Czien, Kasey and Fatima to one of his Tai kwon do matches against a 16 year old guy. He won and we celebrated by going to in-and-out and baskin robins. On that day, he told me something.

"If only our minds cross and our hearts touch, maybe we would get to know each other better."

"Yeah." Those word repeated in my mind over and over until I understood what he said. It sounded like a quote you would get off the internet, but no. "Are you jealous of her, Regina?" Czien asked me. We were both in English and were asked to read an excerpt on the famous play Romeo & Juliet. "No, not yet." "What if we were doing the Romeo and Juliet play and you were Juliet and he was Romeo?" "I doubt it." Who knows, maybe we'll end up doing the play in the future." We went back to focusing on the reading instead of the random gossip that popped into our heads.

7th period – Algebra

-Nadia's POV-

Last class! Okay! I entered the class room to see my old school's algebra teacher, Ms. Monipeny. I was shocked, but glad that she was here. "Ms. Monipeny?" "Oh, hello Nadia." "What are you doing here?" "I've been working here for only this class, but now I transferred to teach every algebra/geometry class here. Now, get to the front of the class!" "Huh? What!" she pushed me to the front of the classroom. The bell rang and everyone was seated. "Hello class, I would like to present to you the new student, Nadia Tsuminonai San-" "Don't say that last name…" "Fine, but go ahead and introduce. My name's Nadia, I use to go to Walton and I'm an artist and ex flute & clarinet player. I'm hoping to get violin classes next year. My algebra skills are proficient." The students full of half 7th and half 8th were amused, and among the class was Kasey. That's when I decided to blush. Dammit! Why! "Okay, you could take your seat now." She seated me in the 6th row, 1st chair. "Copy the notes on the board and we'll get onto the lesson of today." "Wait! Ms. Monipeny! You forgot to tell us to pass the homework up!" said an energetic girl. "Oh, yes! I almost forgot about that. Well pass it up." The students groaned. "Would you fucking shut up for once, man?" said a girl. "Hey. Language." I said sarcastically. "Sorry, it's just that she's really annoying. My name's Cassandra, but you could call me Cassie." "It's okay. I was kidding after all." "Cassie, help Nadia with the word problems if she doesn't understand them." Ms. Monipeny asked. She nodded. "You get everything?" "Yeah. It's not like I'm new to algebra or anything. I did this back at my old school with the help of my …. Friend" I suddenly remembered Juliet. She wasn't here the day that I got the basket and I left. It was pretty rare…unless she ended up coming here too. I doubt it, since she had a couple of lower classes back in Walton. "That's cool. I saw you hang out with a couple of 7th graders at lunch." "Yeah, I didn't know who to hang out with so…that happened." "You could come hang out with me and my friends for lunch tomorrow! We're a little crazy, but I hope that's okay." "It's fine." "Yay! Okay, then. Let's focus before we get in trouble." We went ahead and worked on the problems on the board and did a mini quiz. First day here, and I get to do a quiz… yay. Class went by and it was after school. I guess I'm going home, to the dorm that is. "Hi Nadia." I turned around to a familiar voice. "Juliet!" I ran up and hugged her. "What are you doing here? Did you get chosen to come here as well? "You could say that, but I'm here to warn you about this school." "Huh?" She pulled me close to whisper. "Don't escape the school. Don't think about that! Don't plan it! You could leave the school grounds for at least 1 day. If you don't come back within 24 hours, there's going to be a manhunt for you. And dying is the only option." I suddenly got scared. "W-What's the only way to leave the school." "Beat the others with your talent and survive. Don't trust anyone, they're all liars. I gotta go, I'll see you around." She walked away.

-Kasey POV-

Who was that? I saw a girl talking to Nadia on my way out of class. I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. "Hey." She jumped. "Ah!" She turned around. "Oh, it's just you, Kasey. What do you want?" "Who were you talking to just now?" I questioned. "A friend." "Hm? Oh." "Kasey, do you want to come to the band room with me? I need to find Stephanie." "Uh, yeah sure." I walked with her to the band room. Stephanie was there, along with my two friends Steven & Kevin. Stephanie is kind of adorable when you think about it. Wouldn't it have been better if I met her before here? "The guys from One Direction are really cute! Especially Zayn, I'm secretly his wife." Stephanie laughed. "I think Louis is the most handsome guy I've seen, well after Taylor Lautner." Nadia fangirled. "The guys aren't really that bad." Steven joked. I walked up to interrupt the little 1D conversation. "What direction do 5 gay guys go?" "Let's get four of your friends including you and find out!" She glared. "Shut up, I was trying to be funny." "Keep trying, because I wasn't laughing." "OOHH! Burn." Kevin said. I face palmed. They laughed. "Stop being sassy!" "Be quiet because I'm not sassy! And stop smiling like a cute idiot!" …..There was silence in the room. I can't believe she just said that. Woah. My face started to reddened "…Did you just call me cute." "Uh…" Kevin, Steven, and Nadia smirked at Stephanie & Me and winked. "Hey! … Oh look at the time. I got homework to do. Let's go Neida!" "Wait!" Stephanie dragged Nadia away. Finely, it was getting really awkward around here. I just wanna go to my dorm and play some COD. Kevin tapped my shoulder. "So… you and Stephanie…gonna bang?" Kevin mischievously said. Steven's hand held his chin and winked. "No, Kevin. I don't like her….yet." The two guys fanboyed, weirdly. Something I wouldn't expect. "Let's just go and forget what happened." "Yeahh…" They giggled. Freaks…

-Stephanie POV-

"So how was school?" Nadia asked.

"Huh?" "Oh sorry, you were lost in your thoughts?" "You could say that." "How was it?" "Okay. I got in trouble when I was talking to Czien in algebra today and then we had to say out loud about what we were talking about." "So what did you say?" "That we were talking about one direction, but we were really talking about guys." "Was Kasey one of the guys you were talking about?" "HECKS NO…well maybe. He's a douchebag who needs some manners. Anyways, Czien brought him up in the conversation." "Do you like him?" "I kinda do, but I don't want to. I have someone else who I really like, but he's back at the other school." "Yeah I see." "What about you and Steven?" "Me & Steven?! HA. There's no way we'll ever end up going out.." I frowned slightly. "You never know. He might start to like you sooner or later. You've got a world of chances." "You're probably right. You wanna go to Baskin robins for some ice cream? I want to try a new flavor they have." "Sure." "Heh, but can you do me a favor?" "What?" "Can you pay for my ice cream too, I kinda forgot my money." "Yeah…but you owe me." "Yeah, Yeah, yeah. I'll get a part time job or something and pay ya before the end of the year." "Okay~" Nadia was like an older sister to me. We barely met and I knew we would end up being close friends. There's something different about her from the other people here, and I would soon find out her secret. And I would soon leave this school and reunite with Joane and the others, hopefully. I still wonder, how did I end up here? Those questions remained unanswered. We reached the school campus gate and left for some ice cream.


Im tired. Fanfiction is my little world and stuff. And I think this story sucks. Next chapter includes going to see Steven's Tai kwon do match and going swimming and finding out about the people you can't trust. Yeah. Bye