Yesterday I woke up feeling tough

So I grinned and wished myself goodluck

But the smile faded and I knew it was no use

I would just see you again and let loose

I would let go of the rope I was barely holding

And fall into the watery abyss of my soul's molding

I bend over backwards so much for you

So much so that like my heart, my back is breaking

Whenever I see you I am paralized

But once my heart heals once more

You come knocking on my door

And say 'I love you.'


I'm allergic to lies

So I'm cutting our ties

My innards are in a bloody knot

I'm choking up krimzen and need a mop

You are the one of the causes of the scars

But they are healing now

And so is my heart.

So please leave

You're making me cry again


Don't call me beautiful

Don't call me sweet

You are lying through your teeth.

I'm not your plaything

I will not be manipulated or cheated

I just need to feel needed

You don't love me

And although I love you

This can never be true

For to you I am only for your kicks

But I refuse to be just another one of your 'chicks'

I am me.

I am unique.

And I deserve to be loved and treated as an equal.