Dusty piano keys, Black-eyed Susan's kissed by bees,

Sunlight streaming, oak wood gleaming,

And rows of books crammed into nooks,

Covering the walls, spilling into the hall,

Piles in the middle of the floor.

Tea gone cold, books so old,

Skull and clock, knitted sock

Half done, setting sun,

Fire crackling, person backing

Up against the door.

Stuck nob, stifled sob,

A snuffed out life, rife with strife,

Words turn to ash, timbers crash,

No one chokes amidst the smoke

No one left to die.

Arson done, the villain runs

As the suns rays bring the day,

Sunlight streaming, ashes gleaming,

Silent smog, obstructing fog,

The world is quiet here.