Who Am I?

By: Kazemizu7

A bipedal humanoid is bathed in photons,

his long penumbra instagraming his return.

Venturing, viditing, discovering;

the homeward trip always a must.

Stephan vanquished the flame-spewing, scaly behemoth.

Waldo fended off the savage, bloodthirsty, unsanitary invaders.

Big Guy uncovered the rich, golden arched, hamlet of El Dorado.

And now Eddo discovered the lost, sunken, deluged continent of Mu.

I ventured, vidited, and discovered once;

Never seen a farewell party so grand,

Never froze in a welcoming party so bland.

My achievement, leistung, and shixian?

The cures to cancer, the cold, and AIDS,

something those small minds could never grasp.

Everyone recalls how I tripped over Prince though...

All while I was asking if he had any cheese.

Did I do that?