A/N: The exercise is to write about something in the room. The goal is to practice visual imagery. More imagery practices are to come, along with character and plot exercises.

It's short and red, with a crowded head. Books are piled up around the back, read long ago, half forgotten. There's an ashtray too, used for incense, among other things. Empty RC cans and cups of what might have been grapejuice line the middle, along with scattered pieces of candy wrappers and old jewelry. There might be a study Torah in there too, under some plates. It could just be a novel, Carl Sagan or Tom Robbins. A Dali-shaped clock is melting sideways off a pile of books. Does it even work anymore? Does it matter? Some unused tarot cards and a diary sit together, eating dinner on a table made of school papers. A pair of glasses watch from the corner. They cringe behind a torn up teddy bear, wall whispering into their back. This old red desk has no space, feet covered in laundry and empty water bottles. Why ask what the walls could say when the desk could say so much more?