She woke up, her head resting on the toilet bowl. Her face was inches from her vomit that floated on in the water. It took her moment to remember where she was, the memory came flooding back. She was at the bar still, the only thing that seemed to matter to her. At one time in her life was a good outgoing person, she had friends, people wanted to be around her, people wanted to be like her. But something changed in her, she had become addicted to booze, sex and the bar. Instead of just going occasionally, like it started out as, she began to go there every day at all hours. She sat there behind big mugs of beer, talking to just about anyone that would come in.

Her friends would meet her there, and for a while it was ok with them. Slowly however, they began lose patience with her not wanting to leave the bar. All she was interested in now, was getting drunk and hitting on any guy that walked in. She usually conned a beer off them, challenged them to pool and promise to pay off with sexual favors. Some nights she was successful, other nights not so much. She would jump from guy to guy, running at the first sign of them actually beginning to care about her. Her life was not what it should have been. Friends had tried to talk her, to tell her about what she was doing but she care. Instead she ignored what they said, and continued her lifestyle of alcohol and fornication.

Eventually everyone grew tired of it, and her friends began to ignore her. Didn't seem to bother her much as she made new "friends" at the bar she loved so much. People who probably could give a thought less about her, some were probably looking for sexual favors. She ended up landing a job at the bar, and that made matters worse. As a token of kindness at a time long past she had offered to help someone in taking care her child. Once she got the job at the bar that finally completed the circle for her. She started ignoring the woman, leaving her when she really needed the help. Now she had nothing, she had once wrote stories wonderful tales, as a means to escape now that was pushed aside for the bar. Her life had been rough, there was no doubt. She had a father who was worthless, expected her wait on her hand and food. She also cared for her grandmother as well. That had been her life as far she could remember, and always felt like she needed to belong. She had met a guy who was very special to her that ended his life tragically which devastated her and still haunted her. She felt lost, but found some warmth in her friends.

That was the old person, the new person reached out for support at a building filled with people who ultimately didn't care but acted like they did. That was her life now. She was meant for so much more, but she lost herself. She opened the door to the stall and stumbled towards the sink. She darted her glance away from her reflection in the mirror. If she had looked at herself, she would have seen the worn, sullen look on her face, the detachment from reality. She cleaned herself up, and headed towards the door, and back out into the loud, smoky bar and right back into her seat next to the guy she was hitting on. Of course she would take another drink the guy offered, she just gotten sick so she would be ok. She just wanted to soften him up to take him home. After sometime she achieved her goal, said her goodbyes to the people who didn't care, and heading toward the exit. She passed someone who looked familiar, but they looked the other way. She walked out into the night with some stranger. The person whom she thought she recognized, shook his head in pity, and hoped that one day she would learn her lesson. But he hoped that it wouldn't be too late, and that there was still a chance to salvage her life maybe dream of Providence and whether mice and men have second tries…