A/N: A few things: this has wolves in them and Jared is one. This is not highlighted much in the story, because it isn't of utmost importance, but it is used to understand some things in the story. I wrote this a while back and this was done completely out of Emerald's POV, so there are indeed things you won't understand, because she doesn't understand. Also, I this story was done at once, because I typed it on my phone and it was too complicated to break it into chapters, so for that I apologize.

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In The Morning

I fell in love with my father's murderer.

What the hell was wrong with me?

...In The Morning...

I knelt in my father's blood as I crouched next to his horrific dead body. I was 17 years old and both my parents were dead.

Arms closed around my waist and pulled me up. I wanted to scream, to cry, to run away. But I felt so safe in his stone cold arms. I felt safe in my father's killer's arms.

I shivered, both from the cold of his body and the fact that he had killed my father.

I looked over my shoulder at his cold, hard face. It was expressionless, sinister. His eyes met mine and something flickered in them for only a moment before it disappeared.

I looked away from his grey-white eyes and to my father's dry, wide ones as he looked through me in horror. It was like he was terrified of me going with this man.

I had never done what my father had told me. It was in my nature to disobey my father's wishes. And maybe I should've listened.

No, maybe not. Maybe following my own wishes had kept me alive. Maybe. But perhaps I should grant him this last silent wish.

I began struggling in his arms to get free. He wouldn't. He only tightened his grip on me. I whimpered.

"No." I groaned as I struggled harder. "Let go of me!"

He grunted as I shoved my elbow into his face, but he didn't let me go. "Why the hell did you kill him?"

He didn't answer. He began dragging me away. "He was a good man!" No response. "He was an honourable man!"

We were downstairs now and he put me down, a menacing smile on his lips. "Honourable?" He laughed ominously. "Your father was not honourable. He was a killer, he dabbled with the Hunters."

"He was honourable to me! He was the only family I had left!" I yelled in my father's defense. "And you killed him!"

"Yes, now be quiet." He picked me up again, throwing me over his shoulder.

"Or what? You'll kill me? Go ahead! Kill me!" I yelled, hitting his back and kicking to get free.

"Would you be quiet?" He asked.

There were laughs arounds us and I noticed other men, all giving me leering, sick looks. The man opened a car door and I tried to push away from him. He sighed and put me down on the ground. "Now, listen, either you be good and stay quiet or I will have to force silence from you."

I glared at him. "I said if you wanted to kill me, then kill me."

He bent down to my height and gave me a wicked smile. "I didn't mean by killing you, darling." He brushed some of my blond hair behind my ear. "I need you alive."

I jerked away from him and crossed my arms, not looking at him.

"Good girl. Get in the car."

I huffed and got into the car reluctantly. Both doors on either side of me opened and two of the men climbed in beside me. They gave me sadistic grins and I just glared at them. Halfway into the ride, I couldn't take the stares anymore.

"What are you looking at?" I snapped at one of the guys beside me.

"You're hot." The other one beside me shrugged.

"Oh, go to hell." I spat at him.

He laughed. "Fiesty, I like that."

I glared at him. "Bite me."

He shrugged and picked up my arm.

"Gerrard!" The man who had captured and killed my father, now driving the car, growled.

The guy who held my arm let it drop and shrugged. "She told me to."

"I was being sarcastic, you asshole." I bit at him, holding my arm far away from him.

It got quiet again and no one spoke. And despite the dire circumstances, I got bored. And cold.

"Can someone put on music or something?" I asked.

The guy driving lifted an eyebrow. "No."

"But I'm bored." I huffed.

"I don't care." He said.

I nodded. "Right."

Another pause.

"So, what's your name?" I asked him.

"Jared." He answered curtly.

"What about you and you?" I pointed to the amused looking guy in the passenger seat and the guy sitting next to me.

"Haden." The one in the front said.

"Cool. You?" I asked the one beside me.


I nodded and then sighed, falling back against my seat. "Well, this sucks."

Haden's mouth twitched upward as he tried not to smile.

"Could you be quiet?" Jared asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you are annoying me." He stated.

"I still don't get why I should stop." I shrugged.

"What about this; either you stop talking or I throw you off a bridge." He said.

"Throw me off a bridge? How creative." I rolled my eyes.

He sighed. "Just shut up."

I shrugged. "Fine. You could have just asked nicely."

He sighed, frustrated.

10 minutes later

"Why is this taking so long? Shouldn't we be there yet?" I sighed. "By the way, where is there?"

"We're flying to England, but now we're going to the Airport in Canada." Sean answered.

"England?" I asked. "We're going to England? Well, there's something I can cross off my list."

Long pause.

"Do none of you speak? Have any of you ever had a conversation?" I asked, feeling desperate for something to talk about.

"No. Be quiet." Jared ordered.

"You're moody." I pointed out.

He looked at me through the rearview mirror. "I don't care."

"Ah, that must be nice, not caring. It really dims your morality." I nodded sarcastically. "Being all emotionless and stoic twenty-four-seven. So, I'm just taking a wild guess; you don't have a girlfriend, a fiancee or a wife. You mainly just bang girls and then throw them out on their hair in the mornings."

"She's good." Garrard said from beside me.

Jared glared at me. "That's none of your business."

"I didn't say it was. But interesting to see that I'm right about that."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Haden asked.

"No. I don't really like high school boys and the men I usually went for, my father kept far from me." I shrugged.

A Few Minutes of Silence Later...

"Are we there yet?" I asked, bored.


Three minutes later...

"Are we there yet?"

"No." Jared gritted his teeth.

One minute later...

"What about now?" I asked.


"Really?" I sat upright.


"Damn it." I scoffed as I relaxed against the seat again.

Three minutes, twenty second later...

"Are we-"

"We're here! For god's sake! We're here!" Jared growled, stopping the car in front of the busy entrance of an airport.

"Oh thank the gods!" I threw my fists up into the air victoriously. "Finally!"

They all got out and I followed them. Jared talked to one of the airport staff and I blanked out, because it was too boring of a conversation.

"Hey, would you listen when I'm talking to you?" Jared hissed as he pulled me along by my arm.

I yanked out of it and huffed. "Your voice is highly grating, why would I listen to you?"

"Because I'm the one keeping you alive." He said.

I laughed. "Like I give a crap." I waved at one of the men at the airport bar that was checking me out.

"Do you know him?" Jared asked.

"No. I was just being polite." I shrugged.

"Well, stop flirting with the men around this place and let's get into the damn plane."

"Why would you care who I flirt with?" I scoffed.

He didn't say anything, just narrowed his eyes at me and we went into a plane. As I sat in one of the seats, Haden saddled beside me in the first class seat, I spotted an older businessman in a suit in the seat across the aisle from us. Ah, yes, I had almost forgotten my plan B if my future crashed and burned into ash.

As the plane ascended, I caught his eye and gave him a flirty smile. He gave me one back and a stewardess came over to him. When she left, she soon came back to me, handing me a flute of champagne.

"From the gentleman across the aisle." She smiled, before she left again.

I winked at the man and held up the glass in a thank you. Haden seemed amused as he watched this. I took a sensual sip of the delicious champagne and licked my lips slowly. I looked at the man who was now intently staring at my lips and I smiled.

Throughout the flight I kept flirting with the businessman, ignoring the seething Jared in the seat behind us who constantly told me to stop. When the plane landed the man came over to me and I smiled at him.

"Hi, there."

"Hello. My name is Micheal Thomas." He took my hand and kissed it and I offered him a giggle - which was so fake I could gag.

"Emerald Davis." I smiled at him, telling him my own name.

"Would you like to get together sometime?" He asked, slipping a card out of his breast pocket and handing it to me.

I stared at the card and licked my lips. "Yeah. I'll call you."

His breath hitched and someone grabbed my arm. "She's seventeen, perv." Jared began dragging me away. I waved back at the man and blew him a kiss.

"What the hell is your problem?" I hissed at Jared once we were out of the plane.

"You're fucking around with men you don't know. You're seventeen! Stop acting like a-"

"Listen here, Jared, you ruined my future that I had planned. Guys like that is my plan B." I informed him.

"Plan B?"

"Winging everything on my looks. Marrying a rich, older man so that I don't have to live on a street in an alley with a guy named Snake." I explained angrily.

He didn't look at me, but his voice was softer. "You don't have to do that."

"I do have to do that." I protested. "So, stay out of it."

He was quiet as he dragged me to another car; sleeker, more expensive than the last one. A BMW. I got into the backseat, crossing my arms angrily as we took our previous positions from our ride in Canada.

The three of them kept staring between me and Jared with confused expressions as I glared at him in the rearview mirror. Just now and then he would meet my eyes and sigh as he saw my glare, looking back at the road again.

When the car stopped, Jared got out immediatly. I scoffed as I climbed out after Garrard, mumbling.

"Inconsiderate, self centered, psychopathic, cocky, smug, meddling son of a-"

"Stop mumbling insults at me and move your feet, we're here." Jared said.

I huffed. "I hate you."

"So I hear. Now move." He told me, grabbing me by my shoulders and pushing me forward.

"Ugh." I shrugged out of his hold and marched toward a set of heaven high black gates that had intricate designs on them and I swear, I could see the symbols of moons and wolves running around them.

I waited for them to open the damn gate, my arms crossed as I glared at the ground. I heard their footsteps and then, a few moments later, the sound of the gates opening.

"Jared, man, where do we take her?"

Jared was already halfway toward the house. He waved a hand at us, not looking back. "To the third floor guest room; the master."

Huh? Say what?

I lifted my eyes up to look up at a mansion. I mean mansion as in a palace-like mansion. It was done in a Victorian hue, but much more modern. It was amazing. It was...

Jared, my kidnapper and my father's killer was rich?

Son of a-

"Come on, sweetheart." Haden sighed as he led me into the house.

He walked with me to the third floor, down a long hallway to the end of the hall where we stopped at a polished cherrywood door.

He smiled at me. "So, here's your room. There's already clothes in the closet and everything's stocked."

I nodded. "Thanks."

"Hey, listen, sorry about Jared, he's just short tempered."

"Don't apologize for that asshole." I sighed and pushed open the door. "Like I even give a crap."

He shrugged, gave me a small smile and then turned around, walking away. I went into my room and I felt my jaw drop at the sight in front of me.