Verse 1

I made a huge mistake, when we reached the dead end,

And you asked me- "Can we still be friends?"

I'd have saved both of us a lot of heartache if I'd said no.

But better late than never, now I'll let you go.


So I'm leaving tonight.

I don't want to taint our sweet memories with bitterness

Through all these fights.

I need to end things while we don't hate each other and

You're still shining bright.

And so I'm leaving tonight.

Verse 2

I don't regret a single thing, but I wish we'd never begun,

'Cause it hurts too much to accept we're done.

The future looks so blurred right now through all my tears.

And I can't figure out where I'll go from here.


But I'm leaving tonight.

I need to kill the hope of "someday" that I had kept alive

By holding on so tight.

I know it hurts now, I'm a habit, but you don't love me, so,

I know you'll be alright.

And so I'm leaving tonight.


I hope someday I'll figure out how to stop loving you.

Right now I need to stop knocking on every door praying

That the dream I had of growing old in your arms comes true.

You don't even know how hard it is for me to be saying


That I'm leaving tonight.

But if I close my eyes long enough, there you are again,

Wearing that shirt in white.

There's no destination without you anymore, I'll be living

Like an aimlessly drifting kite.

But I'm leaving tonight.


I'm leaving tonight,

I'm leaving tonight,

I'm leaving tonight,

And I'll stop living tonight.