Dear Joseline

I really have no clue, I have no idea what to do.
The blank page stares back at me in silent challenge and my hand which holds the pen twitches at my side.
What to do? What to say? Because, my dear child I have a lot to say.
Thoughts swirling, words itching on my tongue to get to you. I have so much to say!
The problem is; are you willing to listen?

What's to stop you from ripping the paper to shreds as soon as you see who the sender is?
And though I hate the thought you are not to blame.
My anger was-is unrelenting.
And though the threat came out hard and strong those years ago not a word of it was true.

Everything, everything is from love!
And no harm was ever supposed to come!
It hurts that still you refuse me and I haven't much time.
So this one last letter will have to do though by the time it reaches your hands it will be too late.

And there is still so much to say!
'Dear Joseline…I'm sorry?' cause I am sorry you had to see the body they way you did.
How about 'Dear Joseline…Be happy?' Because when they took me away with lies you cried, and I have never seen anyone look so wretched before!
Maybe I should start with 'Dear Joseline…I love you' cause I really do love you! Even if it seemed hidden many times before.

Anger is such a funny thing my child cause it doesn't always necessarily connect with hate do you understand?
Oh there is still so much to say and I only have tonight to explain!
There is a blank page before me and millions of thoughts and words to get out but nowhere to begin!
Will you open the envelope? Will you see my name and grant me that decency?

If so then perhaps the best start would be 'Dear Joseline…I was innocent…'