Who do you think you are?
Laughing while you give me scars,
Tearing my life apart,
Because you have no heart,
You stand there and maim,
I bet you don't even know my name,
When you're done you run away,
But you'll come back again today,
You think it's funny,
Stealing my lunch money,
Beat me till I cry,
You leave me here to die,
Before you disapeare,
I just want you to hear,
That in my death note I blame you,
Huh, so now what are you going to do,
You are the last person who saw,
How you left me lying raw,
You beat me until I'm black and blue,
I just don't know what to do,
That's why I have to go,
It's just because I do not know,
But before I jump I have just one question you see,
Why did it have to be me?

If you give a damn about me writing more poems, probably not but there is a chance somebody decent does, can you please PM me a list of topics you want me to write poems about because the only things I can think of aren't that happy so any topic will do :)