Once upon a time there was a girl

Who wore all the innocence of a blushing rose

Bound tight about her throat

Never once did she dream

That on that rose might be a thorn

That would one day


And take away her life

Never once did she believe

That the rose would one day


That the leaves would crumble

And the petals droop

So the innocent blush would


To leave her complexion that of chalky alabaster

Never once did it cross her mind

That the snug fit about her throat would one day become

Too tight

That it would prevent her from breathing

Prevent her from moving

Prevent her from living

Until one day the man came

With his velvet words of kindness

And his silken promises

The girl mistook the glint in his eye

And the gleam in his smile

Never once seeing him for what he truly was until

It was too late

When he whisked her out of sight

And, before she could put up a fight,

Pressed his hand to her throat

The young girl gasped as the


She had never known was there scratched

Too hard

Tearing her delicate skin with ease

Taking pleasure as drop by drop of


Spilled out

Rendering the young girl incapable of blushing ever again

The man laughed as he watched the


Spread to her mind



Suffocating the girl

Until she no longer cared

Until she lay still

Until she was his