"Dinner time!"

I turned around. Was that Nancy the cook? No. She was ill. Was it Hans, the chef? No. He was in Germany with his family. It took me a few seconds before I realised who it was. Gigi, the Pup Nanny who I had given a job to. I had an extremely busy life, with Storm, Edie and the eight little nuisances, and I didn't have time to do anything. So I employed people to help.

"Dinner time!" Gigi called again, this time more clearly. The puppies, Storm and Edie came scampering over, tails wagging like mad. They took a quick sniff of my slippers before darting off to eat their munchies and leave me in peace. Or so I thought. Just then, there was a clatter, and Peggy, the stand-in cook, came out of the kitchen with muddy paw marks all over her.

"The dogs trample you?" I asked her. She nodded, dazed, as the pups bounded out, looking quite pleased with themselves. Storm and Edie followed, shaking their heads. They didn't understand why the puppies were so much trouble. Neither did I.

"You little monsters!" I giggled as they jumped up my dressing gown, leaving a pattern of mud all over me. Their fur was coated in mud, from their ears to their tail-tips. Peggy was coated in mud from her high heels to her Cher-like, black hair. I was covered in mud from my bunny slippers to my ponytail. Everything was covered in mud. And that's how we liked it.