I sighed as I put my hands on my hips, watching the puppies roll in a particularly sloppy patch of mud by the riverbank.

"Watch out for burrs!" I called after them as they followed their parents-Storm and Edie-who were traipsing through the thick mud. I slowly walked on with them. My neck was dripping with sweat and my blue hiking jumper was caked with mud and schnauzer fur. Thunder had done that. And, at the moment, that pup was standing on a rock, not as much as fifteen yards away.

"Get off there!" I shouted. He did, but he didn't come back to me. He sprang from the rock, let out a loud howl, and darted through an old hollow log before wading into the bog at the edge of the woods, just as far as I could see. He had more sense than to run off further than I could see. He knew what trouble it got him into with Storm and Edie, who were loyal to their owner. But, at this moment, they hadn't traipsed off after him. They were sitting on the ground, their ears pricked up. I instantly knew what that meant. Somebody was in danger.

Blinking quickly to stop my head from swimming, I raced in the direction of Thunder. Storm and Edie quickly shepherded the other pups into a corner, before allowing them to follow on. It was a mad scramble, over rocks and through logs, but eventually I got to Thunder. And I could recognize the danger at once.