I barely had time to get out of the truck when I was nearly tackled to the ground. Good thing the truck was there. "Hey Stevie." I said, looking around. I saw four horses in a make shift paddock.

"I thought you weren't gonna get here today." She said, as I walked onto the trailer and led Mysterious off first. "Oh wow, is that the new horse?" She asked. Stevie barely comes by the ranch now, she's got her own life. We'll meet up every once and awhile, but ever since I took over the ranch it's been harder.

"Yep. This is Mysterious Darkness." I said.

"He's beautiful. I love his head marking." She said, stroking his neck. I nodded in agreement. He had like a 'U' shaped that was separated from the blaze. "Never seen that kind of marking before."

Ty led Locksley by, he nodded towards Stevie. I rolled my eyes. "Starting to think that this was a mistake. I don't know why he's still giving me a cold shoulder." I said, glancing at him. It's been like a year since we broke up.

"Give it time. Remember when I ended up breaking up with Jason because I was feeling insecure? Well almost two years later, we're back together and he asked me to marry him." Stevie said, showing me her engagement ring.

I grabbed her hand and looked at her finger. "That's a nice ring and congratulations." I said, hugging her. She's been my best friend since first grade. We've been through a lot together, but I know we'll always have each others back. I rubbed Mysterious's forehead and glanced towards Ty. He was talking to Jason and a different woman, someone I've never met before. "Who's that?" I asked, pointing at her.

"Stacey. She's my cousin." Stevie said.

I looked at her. "Cousin?" I asked.

"Yep. She's from New York, and barely visits the family. I managed to talk her into coming along on this trip."

I led Mysterious towards the temporary paddock. I saw Stevie's horse Storm. About six years ago she sold me her old horse Arriba, which she never regretted. Three years ago she decided to buy a new horse, and that was Storm."Well that's good...I guess." I wasn't sure if it made me happy, especially since she seems to be flirting with Ty.

"Hey you must by Kaela."

I glanced over my shoulder to find her leading a light chestnut into the paddock. "It's Mikaela. No one is allowed to call me Kaela, except for my dad." I said. That's true, he was the one who gave me the nickname. After he died, I let no one else call me Kaela ever again.

"Well sorrryy. I didn't know." She said, all snotty.

I glared at her. "Watch the attitude. You may be my best friend's cousin, but that doesn't mean I have to like you." I whispered to her, I've dealt with plenty of people like her.

"She wants me around."

I rolled my eyes. "I don't care." I wasn't in the mood to be bothered by someone like her. I walked out of the paddock, and towards the truck. I was glad that everyone seemed to be setting up for supper. I walked onto the trailer, and wondered if it'd be weird for me to sleep in the horse trailer. I never did like sleeping on the ground, usually I had my air mattress or something.

"Yo! Mikaela." Great my cousin is looking for me.

"Trailer." I said, running a hand through my hair.

"What are you doing in here?" Cassie asked, walking onto the horse trailer.

I looked at her and smiled a little. "Why do you think?"

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Look I know that we haven't always gotten along in the past. But I've noticed a changed in you over the past couple years, and I think it may be for the best. I miss Uncle Dave. I don't know how your feeling, I can't put myself in your shoes. You've always been a hard person to read, but I admire you for that. I look at you as a role model. I really just needed to say that. No matter what you think of me." She looked a little uncomfortable. I think she was even more shocked when I hugged her.

"Thanks. I'm glad that you're trying to help out with the ranch. It hasn't been easy for everything. First I lose my dad, because of some damn cougar. Then my mom decides to move away, all because she can't sell the ranch but before she moved away she managed to ruin my relationship with Ty. He barely talks to me now." I took a few steps back, and wondered exactly how this week-long camping trip was going to go. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "Maybe I should just go home."

"What!?" And there was Stevie.

"You can't go. Just because things aren't going to well with you and Ty, does not mean leave." Cassie said.

"I agree with Cassie," Stevie seemed to think for a bit, "For once."

I smiled. "Funny." Cassie said, glaring at her.

I walked off the trailer. "Look, I belong at the ranch." I felt that I did, it was my duty to keep that ranch running.

"You need a break Mikaela. You've worked yourself way to much. Please stay." Stevie said, following me off the trailer. I looked at her and knew that she'd do whatever it takes to get me to stay. She's always had my back, and would never go against me. I always thought of her as sister. I'm an only child, sometimes I wish I wasn't.

"Who's thinking about leaving?"

Great the one guy that I kind of wanted to avoid. "Mikaela." Cassie said.

"Ty please talk some sense into her." Stevie said, walking away. I rolled my eyes and glared at her. She knows that we've been hot and cold towards each other, sometimes we'll get a long and sometimes we don't.

"I don't think..." I started to say, but stopped when Ty grabbed my arm and dragged me away from Stevie and Cassie. Great. I wonder what he could possibility want to talk to me about. I yanked my arm out of his grip. "Whatever you have to say, you can forget it. I'm not going to listen." I crossed my arms over my chest.

Ty glared at me. "Grow up, Mikaela."

I felt my blood start to boil. "Seriously? That's all you have to say to me?"

"What else am I suppose to say? Your acting like a brat at the moment."

"You should talk. You won't even talk to me about the break up, all you say if," I deepened my voice so that I kind of sounded like Ty, "I don't want to talk about it." It annoyed the hell out of me, at least when I broke up with Stephen, he talked to me about what happen. I know he wanted to know why I broke up with him.

Ty crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't want to talk about it. I'm fine."

I scoffed. "Good!" I said, walking away. He didn't want to talk about it, then I don't. I walked towards the paddock and whistled. The jet black gelding picked up his head and perked his ears, he nickered in response. I smiled. "Mysterious." I whistled again since he was only giving me half his attention, this time he came trotting up and then nudged me. I like to think that I have a special connection with this gifted horse. When I first saw him I instantly fell in love with him.

"Yo! Mikaela."

I glanced over my shoulder to find Jason walking towards me. "Hey." I said with a smile.

"So wanna tell me what's up? Stevie said that your thinking about leaving? Is it because of Ty?" He asked. I swear nothing ever gets past this guy, he's extremely smart. Though he doesn't like to act it.

I sighed and then nodded. "There's too much tension between us. Plus he was flirting with Stacey."

Jason smirked. "Stacey is a flirt. She is also a huge slut," He put a finger up to his lips, "but shhh you didn't hear that from me." I busted out laughing, if anyone can cheer anyone up its Jason. He has a natural ability to cheer anyone up.

"Aww...Jason, you have a natural gift." I said, smiling.

He chuckled. "Anything to cheer up a good friend. Mikaela, your one of the best riders here. I'd hate for you to leave. Stacey barely knows how to ride, she claims that she does. The horse she's riding is named Esperanza, and she belongs to Stevie. I think the only reason she came along is because Stevie mentioned Ty. She most of saw pictures of him or something."

My smiled faded. "Ohh?" I asked.

Jason nodded. "Yup. She's interested in him, and it's hard to tell but I'm pretty sure Ty isn't interested in her. You're the only girl he's ever been interested in. I know you two will eventually get back together, just give it time." Why does everyone keep saying that? Maybe I don't want to get back with Ty. Though I think I'd be lying to myself if I actually thought that. I never fully got over Ty, and I don't think I ever will.

"Maybe." Was all I said.

"You'll see. Give it time." Jason put a hand on my right arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. I smiled at him and rolled my eyes, he was probably the coolest guy here. Jason was perfect for Stevie, he truly cared for her. I always thought of him as my older brother, well I should say brother in law since he is Stevie's fiancé.