His eyes are eyes of anger and hatred...

staring at whomever dares to defy him.

They are no longer the eyes that I used to understand

nor the eyes that I used to look to when I was scared.

He has changed, he has changed..

the one question that is to be asked is-


Why has his eyes changed to this dark pitch of black-

that even I cannot understand anymore?

Why has his kind smile turned to a sneer of disgust?

Why has this happened to the friend I knew so well?

Or I thought I knew well...

Our friendship has been poisoned and our love torn to pieces by your hate.

I would say that I would wait for you...

I would say that I am still your friend...

but I leave that all up to you and your actions.

I am no longer sure of what our relationship is to this day.

Leaving this all to you, I take a step back.

For I know that you no longer see me as a friend...

no longer as a comrade.

I leave it all to you.