The Beginning of the End (Sequel to Cruel Hard World)

The time has come to fight back

The world is tired of all the pain

That these people have caused

These people who call themselves justice

They aren't justice, they're the enemy

And what do people do to their enemies?

They fight them to the death

We will fight and we will win

We will not let them get away

With what they've done

To do so would be to kill

Those poor children ourselves

I watch as our world is

Turned upside down

We fight with everything

We have, but it's not enough

The enemy is stronge

Maybe stronger than us

I don't know if we can survive

But we just have to

For those children

If for nothing else

Those children died

For what?

They died for nothing

There was no reason

To kill those poor,

Innocent children

So, why were they killed?

They were killed

Just so the enemy

Could watch them die

That's the kind of person

The enemy are

That's why they must be stoped

And one way or another they will be

It just will take time