She ran.

She ran as fast as she could.

The twigs cut her dirty feet and ripped at her flesh. Blood covered her face and her dirty, unkempt hair flew out behind her. The screams behind her and the fast approaching foot falls made her ice-blue eyes grow wide. She wasn't afraid. In fact, she was invigorated. A grin split across her face.

"Those fools," she thought,"chasing someone as fast as I"

She was fast. The fastest in her small village and the surrounding villages. She would train by doing something bad and having the adults chase her. She loved the feeling of being chased and the thought of being caught made her laugh loudly. A bit TOO loudly.

"There! I heard her! Over there!"

She snickered and speed up, soon leaving them far behind, but she kept running. She ran until the sun began to set and she grew tired. Panting with her hands on her knees, she looked around and realized something.

"Ah Cripes, I'm lost."

She spun and walked around a bit, but soon gave up. Where was she?