Hello my little White Sheep! I just watched "Oz, The Great and Powerful". Hopefully, I can get some inspiration! LET THE READING PROCEED! *dramatic hand gestures*

She didn't realize she had been holding her breath until this "Conner" guy said, with a British accent,"So, what is your name?"

"I... u-um... my name?"

He looked deep into her eyes, as if he were searching her soul for the answer, and crossed the room in four strides. "Yes," he replied,"your name."

She stared into his eyes,"My... my name is Violet."

He sat on the bed and took her chin in his large, rough hand. Turning it from side to side, he examined her. Seeing no serious injury, he stood and told her to wait as he left the hut. Instead of waiting, she stood and walked to the door. Seeing him nowhere, she walked on.

"Wait? Wait?! As if I need his help or resources. I don't need him to tend to any wounds I have or help me get home! AS IF I WANT TO GO HOME!"

While deep in thought, Violet failed to see that Conner was right if front of her until she ran into him. She fell to the ground and, chuckling, he helped her up. She dusted herself off and glared at him. "Don't touch me!," Violet snapped.

Before she could do or say anything cruel, Conner dragged her into the hut, put her on the bed, and began using a wet rag to wipe the dirt from her face. Her eyes widened and she began to protest, but then realized how comfortable she was. Slowly, her eyes closed and she drifted off into a deep, dark sleep

Violet's eyes fluttered open and she took in her surroundings. "Ugh," she thought," Looks like I'm still in this Godforsaken hut of creepy, insane, Green-eyed, handsome... NO! He's definitely did NOW find him attractive!"

She was pulled from her thoughts by a British accent saying,"Ah, your awake. That's good. You've been asleep for a good 13 hours or so. Feel better?"

She nodded and saw that he held a wooden tray with a cup, some fish, bread and cheese. He walked to the bed, sat, and placed the tray on her lap. He sat there, so still it didn't even look like he was breathing, and looked at her expectantly. Cautiously, she sat up and examined the tray. She picked up the cheese and sniffed at it, with drew a silent laugh from Conner. She glared at him and saw his eyes were twinkling with amusement and a grin playing at the corners of his mouth. Timidly, she nibbled at the cheese and then the bread. Within seconds, she had begun to wolf down the food. When she had finished, not a single crumb was left behind. Conner was grin from ear to ear, but stopped when he saw tears from in the strange girls eyes. She began to cry, softly at first, but then uncontrollably. He pulled her to him and held her, stroking her hair and whispering that it would be Ok. Her long sobs soon faded into soft hiccups. She clung to his tattered vest and slowly turned her head up to face him. He looked down at Violet, pure worry filling his bright Green eyes. He gave her a small smile and took her hand. She didn't scowl, protest, or growl at him. Instead, she smiled back. "I... want to show you something. I think it might make you feel better," he said. He got up and, followed by Violet, went out of the huts and into the woods. They walked like that, hand in hand, for what seemed like forever, before reaching their destination. They walked into a clearing and what Violet saw made her gasp and cover her mouth.

So, watcha' think? What's in the clearing? Why would you stop there and leave us wondering?! The answer: Because I'm cruel and want to watch you squirm with the suspense! MWAHAHAHAHA! Please review! Random Fact: My friend, Jake from State Farm(LoL) picked out the name "Violet". I thought it was a neat name. So, starting now, comment any question for Violet or Conner(or any other character in the future) and I'll force- I mean, ask them polity to answer them!


*glares at Violet*

Conner: Violet... just do it.

Violet: Hmph!*crosses arms* Fine.

So, stay happy and healthy my little White Sheep!