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Violet gasped and put a hand to her mouth. It was beautiful. Three wild horses stood, munching on the soft grass. The grass was so green. The meadow was full of wildflowers. They came in so many different colors that Violet could not count them all. She took a small step forward and reached out a hand. The black horse looked up at her, stepped forward, and rested it's muzzle into her hand. Violet smiled and gently stroked it's muzzle. The black horse instantly took a liking to her. Conner watched the girl with content, a grin slowly forming on his face and in his heart. He walked over and stood by her side, patting the horse's strong neck. He caught her gaze and held it saying,"Beautiful, isn't she? Would you like to call her yours?"

She stood for a moment, considering the offer, and said,"If... you are willing to, I... will take her."

"Good, but she'll need a name. What will you call her?"

"I will call her...,' Violet thought for a moment,"I will call her... Amaranth."

Conner smiled, took off his belt, and put it on the horse. Together, they walked back to the small hut with the horse. He tied Amaranth to a pole outside and lead Violet back into the hut. "Violet, you should rest. If you wish to leave, tomorrow at sunrise would be the best time."

She yawned and nodded her head. He pulled her to the bed and tucked her in. She smiled up at him and said,"Thank you, Conner. You're the only person who ever showed me any kindness. Thank you for caring for me. You're too kind." And with that, she faded into sleep.

Conner stayed by her side to watch her and make sure she was Ok. He packed her a small bag with food, water, a knife, and other equipment to keep her alive while traveling. He sat it by the door and took his place at the edge of the bed. Before he knew it, he was gently stroking her hair, letting it fall between his fingers. When he noticed what he was doing, he froze. Pulling his hand away, he thought,"How odd. Every time I look at her, I get this strange feeling. It spreads, warm and sweet, through my whole body."

He looked at her once more and left the hut. He stopped to pat Amaranth, before continuing on into the woods. He gathered the supplies he needed and went to the meadow to set about his work.

Violet's eyes shot open and she jumped up in bed. Sweat beads trickled down her face and tears joined them. She curled up into the fetal position and, without realizing it, called for Conner. She called softly through silent tears, but was soon screaming and sobbing his name. He sprinted in from the cold night and took her up in his arms. He sat on the bed and rocked her, whispering soothing words into her hair. He ran his hands up and down her cold, pale arms. She looked up at him and hiccuped. Then, she buried her face into his warm chest. He held her close and rubbed her back.

"I... had the same nightmare that I had before," she mumbled.

He looked down at her into her ice-blue eyes with his bright green ones. She continued.

"I was in my hut. I was curled up on the floor in the corner, crying. My daddy was drunk, as usual, but this time was worse. He hit me, over and over, with his belt. He looked behind him, back at me and smiled. He turned and grabbed an ax. 'I'll make it so you can NEVER do what you love again, no more running!,'he said. I glanced to my left. Right next to where the ax was sat a box of knifes. I dived toward it, but daddy grabbed my ankle and swung me hard against the wall. I had blood running out of my mouth and I knew some ribs were cracked, but I dived again. From the box, I pulled a large butcher's knife. I cackled evilly and swung it at him, slashing his face. Then, I lunged at him and knocked him down. I got the knife into the side of his throat and dug it in deep. I hacked and hacked until he was dead, but kept hacking. When I stood, I grinned at my work. Some men who had heard his screams rushed in to find me holding a knife over daddy's corpse, covered in blood. I dropped the knife and ran. They were right behind me and when I lost them, I myself was lost in the woods. Then, I woke up..."

Conner listened and, when she finished, he pulled her close and continued to rock her. "Violet, I have something else to show you."

She smiled and followed him outside. Conner told her to wait and went around the corner of the hut. When he came back, he had his hands behind his back. What he showed her made her eyes grow wide. He held a sword. The sheath was a chestnut-colored leather. The hilt was a black metal with detailed made of horn. when he drew the sword, the blade shined in the moonlight. It was sharp and beautifully made. "I made it for you, Violet. It's to protect you while you travel. I gathered the supplies from the woods and sat in the meadow and made it. Do... do you like it?"

She stuttered," I-it's beautiful. I love it. You went to so much trouble and I have nothing to give you for it."

"You owe my nothing. It is the token of a kind stranger," he replied thoughtfully.

"But, you have already done so much for me..."

Without another word, he slid it back into it's sheath and placed it into her hands.

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