Original story from Panhead13? NO WAY. Yes way. XD Well, Telepath is an original story, it's just that most of my stuff in on . Under the same name. I write Danny Phantom fanfictions.

Well, this one is called "White". I'm in love with the characters and I'm following where the plot may lead. :D I'm not the author, I just got inspired and made this characters. A week later I was writing the prologue and first chapter! XD

This story takes place in a completely fictional world, as you will know that skreiss plants, leola trees, dantic cream, etc. does not exist. Made-up countries, clans, plants, cultures, religions, people, creatures, foods, languages, devices... Though there is the realistic aspect of animals, plants, and the like that DO exist on earth. Because this IS Earth, just my fictional one. I can dream, can't I?

I classified it as fantasy just because it's not a real world. There's no magic involved! If you're looking for magic, don't read this now. But if you feel like it, go ahead and check out the story! :) It's only rated T for the violence and sword fighting. There's no explicit content or language. It could pass as a children's book, really. Which is why I put it in "Kids". It's no worse than those Warriors novels, which I have a high opinion of. X3 Or Kathryn Lasky's stuff. That's children's fiction and much worse than "White". Long author's notes. XD

I'll say more at the bottom, but here's the prologue. :3


Jakub - "JACK-ub"

Donterim - "DON-teh-rim"

Visai - "Vih- SIGH"

Tesikas - "Teh-SEE-kus"

Feleshia - "Feh-LESH-ee-uh"

White: Prologue- Prejudice


The patrol of Kalen warriors was hunting, their eyes sharp and ears alert. Relatively small prey items had been caught and loaded into a large leather bag, but that was not enough to feed their village. When they caught the big prey, such as an elk or two, the hunting party would return and allow the kitchen workers to prepare the food for a big dinner the next night. Hunting in the dark, however, was more difficult than a typical hunting expedition. It required keen vision and concentration.

26-year-old Jakub, however, had thoughts of someone who had died swirling through his mind, distracting him. He was an attractive, strong young man with raven black hair and chocolatey brown eyes in a rich hue. He had slightly broad shoulders and a young face unmarked by the usual scars and nicks warriors of his age had. Though he was attractive, no maiden wished to be called his wife.

You see, Jakub was a dreamer. He saw things differently from others, which gave him a slightly lower position in the Kalen Clan. This was due to his late mentor and clan healer, Ciudus. He had died of an unknown cause, according to the clan council. Like Jakub, Ciudus had been labeled a crazy person with no one to marry and call his own. The women of his clan wanted a man who was tough and would defend them, not a dreamy, gentle man like Jakub.

He also had no belief in the superstitious lore of his clan related to disease and the supernatural, which pushed him down even lower on the social food chain. Many believed that demons could cause illness and deformities in a person. Ciudus, however, taught that while demons existed, they were not the cause of ailment, disease, or deformities. Jakub believed these same ideas, which made him seem a bit crazy in the eyes of some.

One "deformity" that was most commonly believed to be a sign of demonic possession was a condition Ciudus had called "albedus visai"- "white on white". Any being born with such a condition was called such because of its coloring. An animal with albedus visai always had white fur and red eyes, regardless of its typical fur patterns and eye colors. Humans born with the condition shared the same features. They had white hair, pale skin, red eyes, and never saw more than a day of life. Albedus visai babies were always cast out into the wild to be eaten by wild animals or die of natural causes. Ciudus had always despised this practice, wanting to learn more about diseases and deformities instead of just watching them get thrown out as some predator's helpless prey.

Jakub missed Ciudus. This was the reason why he was so distracted tonight. His eyes and ears weren't as attentive as they should have been. He continued to trudge along behind the hunting party, brown eyes distant. A large hand fell down on his shoulder. Jakub looked back to see his heavyset 28-year-old friend with rusty colored hair, Donterim.

"You've got to stop daydreaming like that, Jak," Donterim said. "We're at the very back of the line."

"You don't have to stay behind me, Donterim," Jakub said. "I'll be fine by myself. You've got a wife and son to feed. I don't."

"I've also got a me to feed," countered Donterim. "And so do you. Come on." The man hurried ahead of his dark-haired friend.

Jakub stopped, sighed, and looked to his left. As much as he wanted to follow his rusty haired friend, something else was distracting him. A glimmer of something had caught his eye. A small hare, maybe? If it was prey, he should try to catch it. Jakub looked to see the patrol way ahead of him, then looked back at what had caught his eye. He stepped off towards it. The group wouldn't miss him anyway.

As he drew closer to the object of interest, he saw more of it. It was a creature, and definitely alive. Stealthily, Jakub creeped in closer. He heard whimpering noises- an injured animal, perhaps? But the closer Jakub drew to the creature, the more apparent it became that it wasn't injured. When he saw it for what it was, he lost his breath. There, in an uncovered patch of thick grass, lay a tiny baby boy. He bore the white hair and pale skin of an albedus visai.

Jakub jumped up and ran to the child, who was whimpering and battering the air with his little hands and feet. Jakub bent down next to the baby, then picked him up in his strong arms. "What's a little guy like you doing out here all alone, and still alive?" he asked in a soft voice. He petted the abundant white hair on the little head.

The little baby opened his stunning crimson eyes and reached out for Jakub's face. The man let the child touch his finger. "Hey, little visai," he whispered, slowly rising to his feet. The baby had stopped whimpering, perhaps comforted by a friendly voice. He continued to hold onto Jakub's finger.

"You must be hungry. I bet your mother never let you suckle, did she?" He chuckled quietly. The snowy-haired baby sucked on the man's finger, desperately trying to get something out of it. "I'm afraid there's no milk in there, fellow," Jakub told the baby boy, gently removing his finger from the little mouth. He started back towards the village, all thoughts of the hunt behind him.

"I'd name you something special and amazing, but I've never been a creative one. I'll just name you Visai, because that's what you are. You are not a demon. This name won't let you forget that."


Jakub walked into Donterim's house as if he owned it, much to the surprise of his friend's wife.

"Jakub? What are you doing here?" she asked. "And is that a baby you're holding?"

"Of course it's a baby, Feleshia," Jakub replied. "And I'm here because he needs some food."

"Tesikas was weaned months ago," said Feleshia. "I don't have any milk left and haven't in a long time."

"Can you get me some warm cow's milk, then? Mixed with dantic cream and a touch of honey?"

"Whatever works, I guess," Feleshia mumbled, leaving the house to go get the ingredients from the kitchen.

Jakub sat down by the fiery stove, covering Visai's tender skin with a thick cloth blanket. The one thing he knew about albedus visai besides how it colored an individual was that is gave its victims extremely sensitive skin. If it was not protected, it would most likely burn.

Tesikas, Donterim and Feleshia's one-year-old son, tottered into the room. The little boy came to Jakub and looked up at him. "Dakoo," he said, pointing up at Jakub. The little redhead looked at the baby in Jakub's lap. He curiously looked at it. "Bey..." he vocalized, trying to think of the word.

"This is Visai, Tesikas," Jakub said, looking into Tesikas' big blue eyes. "Your mother's bringing him something good to eat so he can grow big and strong like you."

"Good to eat," Tesikas echoed. "Mudder bing... good to eat." He smiled and poked Visai's tiny foot. "Ih...Bih..."

"Visai," Jakub encouraged.

"Bithai," Tesikas repeated.

"Good," Jakub chuckled.

Tesikas clapped his hands. "Good Bithai! Bey...bee."

"I've brought what you asked for," Feleshia said, bringing in a sucker-cup of milk mixed with dantic cream and honey.

"Good! Bring it here," Jakub ordered. The woman gave him the cup. The man popped off the lid, sloshed the mixture around a little bit, and held it over the fire.

Tesikas scampered to his mother's side. "Bithai, beybee," the redheaded boy said, pointing at baby Visai. "Good to eat. Bithai eat."

"Yeah, I'm gonna feed Visai, Tesikas," Jakub said, pulling the milk formula away from the fire. He dipped his finger into the cup to check if it was the right temperature. He put it over the fire just a bit longer, then took it back, tested it again, and pushed the sucker lid back on. The man held the cup to Visai's lips, which eagerly accepted the sucker. The little baby suckled voraciously, but not for long. He was soon refusing the nipple-like lid with only half the formula gone. "Hmm. That's odd..."

Donterim suddenly burst into the house. "We caught this huge bull elk! It was-" He froze when he saw Jakub sitting by the stove with a tiny baby in his lap. "Jakub? What are you doing in my house?" he asked, shutting the wooden door behind him. "With a baby?"

"Long story, Donterim," Jakub said.

"Bithai!" Tesikas exclaimed. "Addie, Bithai."

"Bithai? Is that what you named it- him, I mean?" Donterim asked, still overcome by the small, unexpected baby.

"Visai. It means 'white'."

Donterim saw the snowy white hair on top of Visai's head and understood what had happened immediately- no explanation needed. He furrowed his rusty brow and walked over to Jakub. He bent down and took a closer look at the baby's innocent face. There was a brief moment of silence before Donterim spoke again. "What are you going to do with him?"

Jakub rocked the now sleepy baby in his arms. "I plan to raise him as my own son," he replied.

"Jakub... there's no telling what the clan will do to you for this, or to that baby. Will the clan council even allow it?" Donterim warned his friend. "There's no telling what he'll become."

Jakub turned and looked his friend in the eyes. A fire burned in his brown eyes, amplified by the flaming stove. "He'll become a strong warrior in our clan one day. Don't you doubt it for one second."

Donterim nodded. "I'll stick up for you if something happens. Or rather when it happens. Sooner or later, they will find out. You'll need someone to protect you..." He gently touched Visai's hair. "And Visai."


End of the prologue. :3 Much expanded from its original length. The first four paragraphs only took up half a page when I wrote the original! Feel free to review, though it's unlikely anyone will. .

Again, I plan to get this published as a novel someday. I've got three other books in mind: A prequel, entitled "Black", which is Jakub's backstory (It will explain some of the stuff in this story later on. You'll actually get to meet Ciudus. The book ends where this one begins), and two sequels, "Red" and "Gray". "Red" is supposed to take place three years later, but I don't know where "Gray" stands. It could precede or follow "Red". But it's got an interesting plot, too.

Just my ideas. Hey, C.S. Lewis wrote a prequel to "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" long after that book was written. Why can't I? XD

I read too much fantasy and spend too much time in my own world. XD Technically, this IS my own world. And I spend a lot of time writing this stuff.

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