"Where am I?" I asked a girl that looked my age. "The Great Hall. We are being sorted into Clans." "Oh." I said, dazed as I stared at the crowds of children before me. So many lights blurred my vision. Loud noises, and people shouting, even screeching at the top of there lungs. This is overwhelming! I just wanna go home!

Chapter 1

"Hurry up!" Huh? I had dozed off…

"Sorry… Sakura!?" I said. I knew her from my old school, but the way her parents treated her, I did not expect her to be here. "Ugh, just get out of my way!" She said, angrily flipping her super straight platinum blonde hair with pink streaks as she pushed her way ahead in line. What am I here for, again? I looked up and noticed quite an unpleasantly-colored yellow sign that said in curvy writing: 'Dragons for the Clans Donation!' Oh yeah, that's right! I'm getting a dragon! Cool! But… My parents…

"Hey Vivio!" A girl around my age said, pulling me from my thoughts. She had dark brown hair pulled in a super long ponytail that reached her hips. She had a splash of dark freckles across her nose and cheeks, dark eyes, and fair skin. Wait a minute! I know her! Its my best friend Victoria!

"Hello Victoria!" I said. She smiled.

"What dragon do you want?" She asked me, beckoning to the magazine I held in my hand.

"This one." I said, pointing to the elegant looking yellow-gold one. "Ooo cool! I want this one." She said pointing to the one on the other page. It was pale silverish blue in color. "Beautiful." I said approvingly.

"Too bad they don't let you choose." She said disappointingly. "I know. It stinks" I said sadly, thinking about my parents again. I was so angry with them!

How could they do this to me? Just send me off like I'm worth nothing to them?! I'm there daughter!

"Its almost your turn!" I heard Victoria whisper excitedly behind me. I looked up as Sakura was happily suited with a young pink one.

"Up next… Vivio!" I heard a man in a funny-looking top hat say. "Here you are darling." He said, handing me the young, silverish blue one that Victoria had wanted. "Next… Victoria! Here you go, my dear." He said, handing her the gold one I wanted.

"Are we aloud to trade?" I asked him. "Absolutely not! Each dragon is fitted to its owner by personality! Good luck." He said, handing the next person his dragon.

"Fair enough." I shrugged, just happy that I get a dragon at all. "Yeah. Well! Off to the naming ceremony!" Victoria said, staying optimistic as usual.

Oh boy. Another long line. Well, at least I have a dragon to play with! The one I got was surprisingly playful, pouncing at everything that moved, and acting quite like a cat. It was even the same size! Victoria had said that they will grow quickly, and will probably be big enough to ride in one week! Until then, I had to be responsible enough to take care of a little ball of energy.

"What are you going to name yours?" I asked her. She was giggling as the dragon nibbled at her shirt. It was much calmer than mine. "I don't really know yet… Maybe…Amber?" She said, petting is scaled head. "You?" She asked. I looked over to my dragon. It was sniffing a blue lily someone had dropped on the ground.

"Um…what was the name of that little girl in the book you read? Little flower?" I said. "Kohana. it's the Japanese name that means 'Little Flower'." She replied. "Kohana…" I said, pondering the name. I looked back down at the dragon. This time, it noticed me. Doing a double-take as it gnawed on one of the petals. It sat down, and stared at me. Stared into my soul with her big, light green eyes. She jumped up at me, and to my surprise, began chewing my short blue hair.

"Haha! She likes you!" Victoria said, laughing. I laughed, and gently pulled the dragon away from my hair. "Boy there sure are a lot of more people in this line than the last one." Victoria said, standing tip-toed to get a better look ahead.

"Yeah… Hey look! It's Sakura." I said, in a fake-happy voice. Wow, her leg was dripping wet, and she looked horrifically mad. "What happened Sakura?" Victoria said laughing. "And why weren't you here before us? After all, you DID cut ahead of us at the line to get a dragon." She added. "Because, some idiot kid let his dragon pee on my leg! UGH! Of all the…" She mumbled a few curse words, and tried to push ahead in line again. The dragon she was half carrying, half dragging looked at us, and whisked away, chin in the air. I giggled.

They sure did match that one with Sakura. "I don't think so." Victoria said, blocking Sakura's way. "Ugh!" She shrieked, marching off to the end of the line. "Who spit in her breakfast today?" I said to Victoria, who chuckled as she watched Sakura yell at a officer that was passing by. "I don't know. But lets hope it wasn't that little kid." She replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Look! Its almost our turn!" She said, pointing to the few people ahead in line. "What are you naming this dragon, Toby?" Another guy in a funny top hat asked. "Zero." He said, looking at his white dragon. "Great name!" The man said, pushing them off of the stage. Some of the parents that had come gasped, but the children just laughed at him. Victoria jumped on the stage since it was her turn. "What are you naming this dragon Victoria?" He asked, reading her name off of his list.

"…Topaz." She said. "Great name!" He said, pushing her off of the stage. Luckily for her, she landed on her feet. I hopped onto the stage. "What are you naming this dragon, Vivio?" He asked me.

"Kohana." I said, quickly jumping off of the stage. "Great name!" He said. But when he put his arm next to himself to push me, all he got was air and he toppled over. I stifled a laughed as he pulled himself up, red in the face. He continued reading names off of the list, but didn't push people off anymore. I met up with Victoria, and we went to go get some food.

"Oh my Jesus! Look Vivio!" Victoria screeched, shoving me in the direction of one of the stalls selling food. Above it was a sign that read: CHEESE FRIES.

"No way!" I said, running toward the stand. Sweet mother of God…CHEESE FRIES! "Wait up!" Victoria said, running after me. We finally reached the stall, completely out of breath. Thankfully, Victoria didn't come empty handed.

"YOU FORGOT YOUR DRAGON!" She yelled at me, handing me my forgotten pet. Good Lord I am irresponsible… "Thanks Victoria!" I said, red in the face as I set Kohana on the ground so I could grab my wallet, which was more like a leather pouch full of coins.

"What can I get you?" The cashier asked us. EUGINE was the name on his nametag. He had curly brown hair, skinny arms, and what seemed to be some serious acne issues.

"Two medium cheese fries, two Coca-Colas, and two cheeseburgers." I said. "Would you like cheese on your cheeseburgers?" He asked. "Um… DUH." Victoria said. "Ok, that'll be 5 coin." He said, not even noticing her sarcasm. We each took out 2.50 coin, paid, and left.

As soon as we found a place to sit in the busy cafeteria, we pigged out. "Hey, I wonder if dragons like cheese fries." Victoria said.

"Huh…" I said thoughtfully, holding out a fry for Kohana to sniff. "OW! She nearly took my finger off!" I said, dramatically shaking my hand. "Ha! Guess they do!" Victoria said, laughing so hard that she was clutching her stomach.

"Shut up." I said, grinning. "Make me!" "I don't need to when you have a mouthful of food!" I said as she took a bite of her cheeseburger.

"Mmm! Mhmhmmmhmm!" She complained to me. "I have absolutely no idea what you're saying!" I said laughing.

"ALL NEW CLAN MEMBERS! PREPARE TO LEAVE IN ONE HOUR! VISIT WARDROBES AND ARMORY IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!" We heard a male voice on the intercom say. "Wardrobes?" Victoria said, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. "I'm guessing they're that way." I said pointing to the sign that read: WARDROBES/ARMORY/EXIT - "Oh. I feel stupid…"

There were few people at the wardrobes, and there were only three each. So we walked up casually, hoping we could slip right past them.

"Hey! You are not leaving here dressed like that! Shabby!" I heard a feminine voice say. I turned around to see a blonde woman in a purple suit, matching suit skirt, grey pantyhose, black mary-jane shoes, and purple glasses. "Excuse me?" I said.

No way did that chick just call my clothes shabby… "Get over here!" She said, grabbing my elbow and pulling me into the huge walk-in closet.

"Pick anything you like, AS LONG as it comes from this closet. When you're done, you can change in there." She said, pointing to a small door on the inside of the closet. I had no time to reply as she briskly walked out. Okay then… I choose a loose grey tee with a lightening bolt, ripped jean shorts, thigh-high black and white stripped socks, dark grey combat boots with light grey laces, a checkered belt, silver earrings 3 for each ear, and a silver dragon necklace. Once I had changed, I walked out. Thankfully Mrs. Fashion didn't notice me. I walked towards the armory.

Are there two of them?! An identical blonde woman was standing there, this time she had no glasses, a ponytail, a grey camisole, combat boots, and camouflage pants. "Welcome to the armory! Can I get you some weapons?" She asked with an evil grin. I smiled. I guess this IS a little more my style… "Sure!" I said. I walked over to the swords, shields, armor suits, bows and arrows, and many other odd looking things. I picked up a sword.

"Whew! Its heavy!" I said, quickly using both hand to put it back. "Yeah. This seems a little more fitting…" She said, reaching over the counter for something. "Here." She said, handing me a knife. No, it was a dagger! A silver dagger with a black metal hilt. There was an inscription on it.

"Vita et Mors?" I said, squinting to read it. "Actually, it's pronounced WITA et mors. It's Latin. It means Life and Death." She said kindly to me.

"Cool…" I said, trying it out on one of the life sized wooden test dummies. It was light-weight, smooth, and wickedly sharp. "Since you like it so much, I'll give it to you for free, sheath included." She said. "Hey, thanks!" I said, smiling brightly. I took off the checkered belt, and but on the leather one she gave me, the sheath at a comfortable position on my right side. I slipped the dagger in. It fit perfectly. "Cool!" I said, really excited now. Kohana felt it too, but was suspiciously sniffing at the sheath. "Have a nice day!" She said.

"There you are!" I said to Victoria. Whoa. She was wearing grey acid wash jeans, a light green military style jacket, and combat boots identical to mine. She had a dagger at her side as well, but hers was much longer, reaching her knee when mine only met my mid-thigh.

"You look awesome!" I said in astonishment. She laughed. "Same with you!" Guess we should leave, huh." I said, my smile disappearing. We weren't in the same clan. I was in the medic clan, she was in hunting.

"Yeah… But don't worry, we have TONS of meeting. Plus, we can always write letters!" She said, her optimism not surprising me. "Yeah." I said, weakly smiling. "Bye!" She said, giving me a bear hug. "Bye." I replied. Our dragons sniffed at each other, but obediently followed there masters, who were leaving in opposite directions.