I thought my life was miserable,
and that I was unable,
To live any longer,
I was getting weaker, not stronger.

Until one day I met a girl,
And she told of her life,
Her life was full of strife,
She no longer had a curl.

She battled cancer everyday,
She fought in every which way,
Two of her close ones died,
I bet she always asked herself why.

All if her hair left her head,
They thought she would be dead,
Yet she battled on,
Despite two close ones were gone.

From this I realized,
I better start being wise,
I had it good if not great,
I had the golden gate.

Through this poem my heart goes,
To her and I hope she knows,
I feel sorrow deep in my heart,
For her to have to suffer.

One day things will sway,
And change in a good way,
No more suffering will be in her,
And her close ones will be there.

That time may be soon or far,
All of us go through war,
We must keep going, never stop,
Keep on going, to the top.

Everything I have ever known,
Went from gold to stone,
I realize now I must fight,
For the light.