, It was December 17, 2012. I lived alone in possible the oldest and creepiest neighborhood in South Carolina. People call the road I live on Satan Street. Since so many people before me who lived on this street were Satanists and Devil worshipers. Of course, that's an old legend. There may be one or two Satanists on this road, but the weekly sacrificial Satan worshiping ceremonies are definitely over. One bright side of Satan street, none of the Bible sellers and Missionaries dare come here to say "Excuse me sir, but do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?"

I was alone watching TV that night when there was a steady knock, knock, knock the door. I got up to answer the door and, to my surprise, I was met by a group of three carolers. Christmas Carolers on Satan Street. Funny, huh? They began to sing softly "Silent Night". I listen and bid them farewell when they finish. I watch them walk off my porch, and into the darkness where they seemingly vanish into the shadows. I put no thought into it. It was dark and they were wearing black.

The carolers came every night for the next four days. Every night they would vanish into the shadows. I got curious, even if it wasn't that dark they would vanish. I decided to follow them on the fifth night.

They came, sang, and I listened. I once again bid them farewell, and watched them leave. As they stepped off my porch, I grabbed my jacket and silently followed behind. The darkness of the night of December 22nd surrounded me but I continued on.

I followed them into the spot where they always vanish, and lost sight of them. I kept going, hoping to find them again. I followed their exact footsteps and found that they HAD been vanishing. It was a portal, and it led to the back of some creepy, cobblestone hallway lit only by torches.

They did not notice me and I quietly followed them down the hall and into a room. I hid behind some crates and looked around. My eyes fell on a table. A pentagram was painted on it and shacked to it was a nude man. His chest also boar the insignia of the Devil himself. I looked back to the carolers and saw horror.

Their skin melted off, and fell to the floor, revealing the beast within. They were black, not black like the color, but black like the darkness. They had piercing red eyes the color of blood. They had talons on the ends of their fingers, and glinting yellow teeth that looked as sharp as razors. Horns sprouted from their heads, ending in sharp penetrating tips. One walked past the table and reached for a wall handle. The inhuman caroler pulled forth a dagger with a black handle also bearing the pentagram. Without hesitating, it thrust the knife into the stomach of the man. He yelled in pain and the demon cut up through his Sternum.

Pulling his chest open, the man screamed again, still alive. They had done something to keep him alive. One reached in and pulled forth a pink, glistening prize. It showed the man his liver, before taking a large bite from it. The man yelled in agony as he felt the teeth in his liver. Whatever the demons had done, it made the man feel all the pain. The demons took turns taking out organs and eating them. One finally pulled out and bit his heart. The man twitched again then lay still.

The demon carolers left the room and I bolted for the hallway portal. I ran through it and sprinted home, locking my doors. I ignored the carolers at my door for the next two days until Christmas Eve. As I slept that night, I heard my window open. Three forms entered. My body remained still, but my mind was awake. Oh God. They did something to ME! I felt their presence as their eyes bored into my sleeping form. They stood their for hours until my mind drifted off again. That is the point when I hear a soft voice right next to my ear,

"Silent night. Holy night."