The last day of tenth grade. Somehow, it couldn't start fast enough, and ended before anybody could even blink. As I made my way home, my entire journey in this school flashed before my eyes—from the day I joined to the first day of tenth grade. And another chapter began—a chapter of heartbreak, betrayal, petty fights, pettier issues, less marks, arguments with teachers, but I could see none of that. No—all I saw was the laughter, fun, enjoyment, entertainment, craziness and the absolute gala time we all had. Sure, there were fights—monumental ones—and there were issues that divided the entire class into a warzone, but on the last day…well, we did things that we'd never done before. Broken friendships, teasing, rivalry—it didn't matter anymore. People who hadn't spoken for more than four months were hugging each other, people who didn't like each other posed together for photos, grinning from ear to ear, and as I looked at everyone, I could only see the good times. The bad times hung around, but only in the background.

It is amazing, what not seeing each other for a very long time can do to people.

For the first time, we had to be chased out of class, then chased off the campus—nobody wanted this awfully sweet moment to end. Moments like this make an entire year of slogging, getting scolded royally, fighting, making up, fighting some more, getting bad marks—they all look like nothing. I had a weird sensation at the pit of my stomach. "Wow, I'm really going away. I'm really going to miss them." And I will. I'll miss all our fights, all our gossip, all our fun, all of it—everything that makes tenth standard what it is.

And as for leaving…I really don't think that's possible. We have social networking sites and so much more…we will grow distant, but those beautiful memories will make us smile every time we think about tenth grade. It doesn't matter how far the best friends who truly matter go from us—I don't care if they're on the other end of the earth. If I need an ear or a shoulder, they'll always be there for me.

Another chapter in our life's about to begin. This sensation—the butterflies in my stomach, the bittersweet ache in my chest, the unshed tears burning my eyes—is scary and exhilarating. Freedom comes with a sense of sadness and adventure, and we're on the threshold, waiting to take off, waiting to jump into that mad mess we call our world, our new life.

But, as I stand on this threshold, I take my time to look back, see all those beautiful people I surrounded myself with—yes, even the ones I'd wished I'd never see again—and smile. I will meet them down the lane—our paths are bound to intersect—and when I meet them, we'll share all the beautiful memories we had, and all the beautiful memories we've made.

Until then, farewell.