I find it sad that I kept every text message.
I kept every message you ever sent to me since you stopped talking to me.
I kept all of our stupid fights.
I kept all of those silly pictures...
But I refuse to read them.
I guess I'm torturing myself in a way.
I look at your name every time I open up my phone.
It's still there on my speed dial.
It's still there in my inbox.
But I can't bring myself to talk to you.
I've really brought this around myself.
I did call you an overprotective obessed bitch after all.
Or I believe that was what it was.
Or maybe it was something worse, I can't remember.
But I don't know why I don't feel the need to apologize.
All right, that's a lie.
I do want to apologize, but I don't understand.
I don't want to apologize for some reasons.
I don't understand a reason I need to apologize.
Or is that just because I don't see what I did wrong?
Now lookie here, I've wrote this all out.
In my near poetic prose way,
I wrote it all out, but there's still an issue...
You'll never know it exists for you.
Sorry I'm the coward you said I was in some ways.
Sorry I'd like to have you back more than I'll ever say.
Sorry I called you a human instead of a Wolf.
Sorry for every stupid thing I said in all of our arguments that drove you away.
Finally, I now apologize for the exact same things I said sorry for above.